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The Latest Videos

  1. Snowshoeing with the River House
    Taking a snowshoe trip with the River House means more than just exploring a winter wonderland.

  2. Rec Scholarships
    The Eugene Rec Scholarship program has the ability to change lives. Give the gift of Rec.

  3. Campbell Community Center
    Building community is just one of the many things that make Campbell Center a haven for seniors in Eugene.

  4. MIUSA at Challenge Course
    Mobility International USA is celebrating its 35th anniversary with Eugene Rec.

  5. Spencer Butte Challenge Course
    The Spencer Butte Challenge Course is a unique community resource near Spencer Butte Park.

  1. Safe Routes to School
    Eugene Rec, Eugene 4J, Bethel & Springfield school districts provide bike safety instruction.

  2. Eugene Adaptive Swim
    Eugene's one-of-a-kind adaptive program at Hilyard Center provides anyone with the ability to exercise.

  3. Family Sailing
    Learn more about sailing with your family with the Eugene Recreation Outdoor program.

  4. Healthy Living
    Eugene Rec classes can provide great benefits for a long, healthy life.