Residential Food Waste Collection

Curbside Pilot Program

​Eugene tosses 40 million pounds of food into the local landfill each year. Half of this food waste comes from homes. Composting food waste allows us to use this material for something useful while also reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. 

The City of Eugene launched a two-year residential food waste collection pilot in September 2016 to make it easier for people to recycle their food waste, instead of throwing it away. The program currently operates in four pilot test areas: south, north, west, and east study areas, totaling about 1,500 households. Residents in the study areas are able to put their food waste in with their current yard debris bins instead of in the garbage. Pilot participants will be informed by mail.

This pilot test will help us learn the best way to expand the program and make sure it works for all Eugene residents. 

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