Levy Information

Eugene Public Library Levy 20-235
On November 3, 2015, City of Eugene voters approved Measure 20-235, a five-year levy to fund expanded Library services.

More Hours and Access

The levy adds 22 hours each week at the neighborhood Bethel and Sheldon Branches and Sunday morning hours at the Downtown Library.

More hours
As of July 1, 2016 all locations are now open more hours each week. At Bethel and Sheldon Branches, the new schedule increases open hours from 26 to 48 hours per week, provides for open hours on six days of the week, and continues the popular Tuesday evening hours. At the Downtown Library, the new schedule adds Sunday morning hours.

More Programs for All Ages

Total events will increase by 33% with a particular focus on priorities identified by the community.

Maker Hub Open Lab and Media Lab Public Use Graph
More Programs

More Materials and Technology

The levy increases the budget for books, movies, eBooks, etc., providing quicker availability of in-demand items.

More materials and technology
Annual budget for purchasing new materials has increased. Fiscal year FY16 the budget was $858,875. Last fiscal year FY17 the budget was $1,160,000. This fiscal year FY18 the budget is $1,158,935.

Accountability and Transparency

Specific plans are built into the levy to ensure accountability and transparency, including: separate levy fund budget and accounting (as per state law); annual staff summary of spending and performance measures; annual review by the citizen Library Advisory Board; and an annual City Manager's report to City Council.

Regular updates will be posted here on the Library's website.