2015 Library Levy

Measure 20-235 History

In 2015, voters approved a five-year operating levy (Measure 20-235) to fund expanded services, increased hours, free programs and materials and technology. The levy reports below cover the time period of July 1, 2016-June 30, 2021.

Staff holding mobile Wifi hotspotThese reports show one side of the levy story. The greater picture, though, shows how access to programs, materials and resources contribute to a more informed and engaged community. This is evident in countless stories from the public.

After all, libraries are not just about books, they are about people. The extended levy services helped Eugene Public Library meet the needs of the community even while we continue to adjust during the pandemic. Library staff, partners and volunteers spend every day supporting an informed community and fostering lifelong learning and a love for reading. That’s at the heart of our work.

We’re committed to free access to the universe of ideas and information for our community as we serve through changing times. That dedication allows EPL to adapt and remain essential to the lives of residents, and it keeps the Library a truly public space.

Specific plans are built into the levy to ensure accountability and transparency, including: separate levy fund budget and accounting (as per state law); annual staff summary of spending and performance measures; annual review by the citizen Library Advisory Board; and an annual City Manager’s report to City Council.

Printable PDF files are provided below for each year of the levy:

Year 1 Levy Report

Year 2 Levy Report

Year 3 Levy Report

Year 4 Levy Report

Year 5 Levy Report

City Council Work Session: January 12, 2022 - Year 5 Levy Report Presentation

In November 2020, Eugene voters overwhelmingly supported the passage of Measure 20-309, which provides an additional five years of support for EPL services. Visit 2020 Library Levy for current levy information.

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