Project Consultations

Project Consultation meetings are a free service offered by the Planning and Development Department. During a Project Consultation you can meet with staff to discuss a proposed project, ask questions, and learn more about any regulations or codes that might apply to your project. We may also be able to provide you with tools to meet the requirements or offer design alternatives that meet community standards and achieve your goals.
Project Consultation meetings are required before submitting an application for a phased project (to be submitted in phases) or a development with multiple structures on one development site.

Scheduling a Project Consultation Meeting

Scheduling a Project Consultation meeting can now be done online through eBuild. Simply sign into your eBuild account and look for the Project Consultations button at the upper right hand screen.           

  • Sign into your eBuild account.
  • Choose New Project Consultation
  • Download the project consultation application to your pc. Complete the application.
  • Give your project a description.
  • Upload the completed application.
  • You can now upload meeting materials. It is recommended that you include a list of questions or issues to be discussed at the meeting. Plans, details, and other relevant information sufficient for staff to research and answer the question can also make your meeting more productive.
  • Click on Schedule Meeting.  You will be able to choose an available date and time that works for your project team. 

After your meeting has been scheduled, a meeting coordinator will work with review staff to ensure that you have the right people in the room to answer any questions that you might have.   Your meeting coordinator contact name will be listed on the Active Project Consultations page.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your scheduled meeting, log back into eBuild, go to the Project Consultations page, and find your meeting.  You will have an option to reschedule or cancel. Staff will be notified of any changes that you make to the meeting.

When you arrive for your meeting check in with reception staff who will direct you to the meeting room. You may bring paper copies of your project plans. This allows staff and applicants to carefully review details of the proposed project. If you have questions about what types of materials to bring, please contact us in advance at 541-682-5505 or via email.

Please be aware Project Consultation Applications and materials are public record. Notification of the Project Consultation, including the applicant, project description, and project location are included in a notification process provided to interested parties.

Design Consultations

The City of Eugene is pleased to offer a Design Consultation service to assist you in identifying opportunities for your project to respond to the urban context in a way that is emblematic of Eugene's most important values before submitting a formal application. Our Urban Design Team can help your project realize its potential and save you time and costly redesign fees by helping you start your project off on the right track. By aligning new developments with community goals, our team can help you realize your project in a way that:

  • Improves the built environment
  • Adds value to your new development and existing neighboring developments
  • Improves the experience of the project's residents, employees, customers and/or guests
  • Assists property owners in understanding their properties' potential

While we welcome anyone to take advantage of this service at any project phase, we recommend convening with our staff as early as possible to maximize your benefits. We practice and encourage thoughtful consideration of social, environmental, and financial objectives to achieve a successful project. Read more about our Design Consultation service and set up an appointment today!