Echo Hollow Pool Swim Hours

Echo Hollow Rec Swim Aug 2022

Pool Fees

  1. Single Visit10 Visit Pass30 Day Pass90 Day Pass
    Youth (3-17)$4.50$36$44$105
    Adult (18+)$5.00$42$54$130
    Senior (60+)$4.50$36$44$105

    *Additional charges for more than 5 people. All entry requires an admission fee for ages 3 and up. Passes not valid for special events.

Drop-in Swim Times

See Closures/Modified schedules below for exceptions. Drop-in fees apply to each time/activity.

We are continuing to experience staffing shortages and apologize in advance if our programming is impacted. We will update our schedules as quickly and as accurately as we can.

Rec Swim

Play/swim times open to all ages. Children under 48" must be accompanied by an adult age 18 or older (one adult per child), or be able to pass a swim test. Drop-in fee applies to each time/activity. First-come first-serve basis.

  January 3-May 20

  Indoor Pool

  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 7-8:30p

Lap Swim

No matter what your level is, there is a lane for you! Lap lanes are available for slow, medium and fast swimmers. Children ages 12 and younger must pass a swim test and be accompanied by an adult.

  January 3-May 20

  Indoor Pool (25 yards)

  Monday-Friday: 5:30-6:30a

  Monday-Saturday: 11:15a-1p

  Friday: 6:30a-1p, 5:30-7p  

  Outdoor Pool (25 yards)

  Monday-Friday: 5:30-8a, 10:30a-2p, 5:30-7p

  Saturday: 11a-1p

Fitness Center

Offer cardio-vascular equipment including treadmills and elliptical trainers, as well as free weights and weight machines. Ages 16-17 require guardian signed consent on file. Ages 13-15 require guardian signed consent on file and must have an adult present. Ages 12 and under are not permitted.

  January 3-May 20

  Monday-Friday: 5:30a-8:30p

  Saturday: 11a-1p

Spa Hours

  January 3-May 20

  Monday-Friday: 5:30a-2p, 5:30-8:30p

  Saturday: 11a-1p

Community Shower Hours

Time for members of the community in need of a shower. Showers are only available in the locker rooms. Family dressing rooms are reserved for parents with small children or individuals who need the assistance of a certified aide.  Showers are limited to 30 minutes and cost $0.50.

  January 3-May 20
  Monday-Friday: 5:30a-12:30p

  Saturday: 11a-12:30p

Closures/Modified Schedules

  January 16: Closed for holiday

  February 20: Closed for holiday

  March 27-31: Spring break schedule

  May 21-June 4: Closed for maintenance

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