Bike Repair & Rentals

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Eugene is the perfect size to see by bike! We have over 46 miles of shared-use paths and 187 miles of on-street bicycle lanes. Don’t leave town without hopping on a bike to explore.

List of Bike Rental Companies

PeaceHealth Rides

The City of Eugene and partner agencies Lane Transit District and University of Oregon, have contracted PeaceHealth Rides to deliver bike share equipment and operations for Eugene’s Bike Share system.  Information on single-ride, monthly, and annual memberships can be found at link above.

Cost: $1 for 15 minutes, $15 per month

Adaptive Recreation Services
Hilyard Community Center

2580 Hilyard St

Eugene, Oregon 97405

P: 541-682-5311

Accessible bikes

$10/hour, $40/day or $50/weekend (Fri. afternoon-Mon. morning) or $100/week. Credit card deposit required.  Assessment require before renting.

40 assessment fee includes a free one hour rental.

Bicycle Way of Life

556 Charnelton St

Eugene, Oregon 97401

Phone: 541-344-4105

Cost: Hybrid bikes: $24 /day Road Bikes and Tandem: $48/day

Blue Heron

877 E. 13th Ave

Eugene, Oregon 97401

Phone: 541-343-2488

Cost: Hybrid $5.00 an hour, $15/day Road bikes $25 /day

Eugene Electric Bicycles

545 High St

Eugene, Oregon 97401

Phone: 541-735-3137

Cost: $12.50/hour $40/Same day return  $50/Full day

Falling Sky Brewing (2 Locations)

334 Oak Alley

Eugene, Oregon 97401


790 Blair Blvd

Eugene, Oregon 97402

Phone: 541-505-7096

Cost: Free for up to 24 hours.

Sign wavier and $150 deposit on Credit card which is voided once returned

Life Cycle

1733 Pearl St.

Eugene, OR 97401

Phone: 541- 686-2994

MTB Rental Cost: $75/Day, $225/Week

Pedego Electric Bikes Eugene

199 East 5th Ave, Suite 5

Eugene, OR  97401

Ph: 541-650-0650

Electric Bike Rentals: as low as $30/2 hours


Spinlister is an online/app based bike rental service that provides a platform to connect bike owners with people looking to rent or borrow around the world. Owners list their bikes, renters search for a bike in whatever area they want, and complete the rental process through the website or mobile app.

UO Bike Program

1395 University Street (EMU)

Eugene, OR 97403 

Phone: 541-346-6092

Cost: $15/day Touring Bikes

$10/day Commuting Bikes


  • We have an an online Eugene-Springfield Bike Map to help you plan your route.
  • Check We Bike Eugene on Facebook for upcoming bike rides and events
  • For local bicycle tips and rules check out the Eugene By Cycle guidebook.

Tips for Visitors

  • Follow the rules of the road; remember, you’re driving a vehicle.
  • Use front and rear lights at night. It’s the law in Oregon.
  • Lock with a u-lock. U-locks prevent theft better than other locks!
  • Bike predictably. Bike in a straight line and avoid weaving in between parked cars.
  • Wear your helmet. It’s the final layer of protection if all else fails.