Farmers Market Pavilion and Plaza

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The Lane County Farmers Market is one of the anchors of our community; a place where we can buy fresh, local produce, but also an event where we can meet up with a friend or run into a neighbor. The new Farmers Market Pavilion and Plaza will support this beloved institution, giving the Market more space to grow while showing our community’s pride in our local farms and food producers.


The designs for the Pavilion came as part of the Town Square project, started in May of 2019 to re-imagine the public space at the intersection of 8th Avenue and Oak Street, which included the Park Blocks and a new City Hall. While minor improvements will be made to the Park Blocks in the near future, including the construction of a public restroom, a larger Park Blocks and City Hall design will remain on hold as the city explores ways to fund the full community vision. 

New Farmers Market Pavilion and Plaza Features

  • Year-round home of the Lane County Farmers Market
  • Roll-up doors to allow smooth transition of indoor and outdoor space
  • Expanded plaza adding more space for Market vendors and recreational uses
  • Curbless streets (similar to Kesey Square) to connect with the businesses on W. Park Street

Project History

The Lane County Farmers Market returned to Eugene’s Park Blocks in the 1970s and has become a vital source of quality local produce and a cornerstone of downtown activity. While the Farmers Market has maximized use of the existing space, the configuration and limitations of the site make it difficult for the market to grow and reach its full potential. For many years, the Farmers Market has expressed a need and desire to establish a larger and more prominent, year-round market in downtown. To meet this need, the City of Eugene will build a permanent pavilion with an expanded plaza in the Park Blocks which will allow the market to serve the community all year long.

Construction Status

Demolition and site preparation broke ground in May, and construction of the Pavilion, Plaza and Right of Way began in August. Completion is forecast for spring 2022, in time for the 2022 Farmers Market season.


In May, City contractors worked to clear the old parking structure to make room for the new Farmers Market Pavilion and Plaza. 

Reconstruction of West Park Avenue was largely finished in November. Final touches will be added as the plaza is completed.

As of December 2021, with the foundation complete, the Farmers Market Pavilion itself can begin vertical construction. By the end of 2021, the building will be well underway.

Check out the video embedded below from MetroTV or follow this link for an inside view on the demolition (literally), thanks to drone technology.

2021_06_14 Park Block Pavilion Teaser.mp4 from MetroTelevision on Vimeo.

Interim Farmers Market Location

During the construction of the Farmers Market Pavilion, the Lane County Farmers Market will temporarily move to 5th Avenue between Oak and High Streets.

The Eugene Saturday Market will continue operating in the Park Blocks (normal location).

Map of the Interim Farmers Market Location which will be on 5th Ave between High and Oak Streets