Flood Mitigation


Flood mitigation work in progress 

The Public Works Parks and Open Space (POS) Division actively manages more than 39 miles of open waterways throughout the city, including the entire length of Amazon Creek and numerous other flood control channels and smaller streams. Waterways are inspected on a routine basis and are maintained using techniques that attempt to achieve the multiple objectives of flood water conveyance, water quality protection and natural resource enhancement. Open Waterway Maintenance Plans guide the work of City crews on publicly owned and managed waterways.


In addition to managing waterways, the City and its partners in the West Eugene Wetlands Program manage approximately 3,000 acres of wetlands and associated uplands in West Eugene. Of that acreage, about 400 acres have been restored through the West Eugene Wetlands Mitigation Bank over the last several years. The wetlands restorations generate mitigation credits for the local development community and public projects such as the airport expansion.


In addition to maintaining waterways, the Parks and Open Space Division manages a volunteer program that includes hands-on, in-the-field projects and activities to provide educational opportunities and promote public stewardship of local water and wetland resources. The volunteer program draws much interest and support from the community, and in some years has involved almost 1,300 volunteers participating in more than 100 work parties and other stormwater enhancement opportunities.

For more information, visit our stormwater page.