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  1. Central Eugene in Motion Study Reveals Two Alternatives to Downtown Traffic Routes

    Upcoming changes to a midtown section of Willamette Street and downtown section of 8th Avenue are revealed after a thorough public engagement process. Learn more about Central Eugene in Motion...
  2. Learn About Proposed Jefferson Street Traffic Calming Project

    Attend a community meeting on Feb. 26 to learn about the proposal and share comments. Read on...
  3. City Boards and Commissions Seeking New Applicants

    Learn about a variety of available positions and how you can get involved in local government. Learn more and apply through March 1...
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Media Contacts

  1. City of Eugene

    Laura Hammond
    Community Relations Director
    125 E. 8th Avenue
    2nd Floor
    Eugene, OR 97401
    Ph: 541-682-5587

  2. Planning and Development

    Lindsay Selser
    Community Outreach Participation Coordinator
    99 W. 10th Ave.
    Eugene, OR 97401
    Ph: 541-682-6021

  3. Police
    300 Country Club Road
    Eugene, OR 97401

    Melinda McLaughlin
    Public Information Director
    Ph: 541-682-5124
    Pager: 541-242-1715

    John Hankemeier
    Public Information Coordinator
    Ph: 541-682-5197

    After Hours

    Ph: 541-682-5155
    Pager: 541-242-1715

  4. Fire and EMS

    Rachel Paakaula
    Public Information
    1705 W. 2nd Ave.
    Eugene, OR 97402
    Ph: 541-682-7115

    After Hours
    West District Chief
    Ph: 541-682-5423

    East District Chief
    Ph: 541-682-8375

  1. Library, Recreation and Cultural Services

    Sarah-Kate Sharkey
    Resource Development Communications Manager
    99 W. 10th Ave., Suite 395
    Eugene, OR 97401
    Ph: 541-682-6342

  2. Public Works

    Brian Richardson
    Public Affairs Manager
    101 E. Broadway
    Suite 400
    Eugene, OR 97401
    Ph: 541-682-5523
    Ph: 541-221-7597 (cell)

  3. Parks and Open Space

    Kelly Shadwick
    Marketing and Outreach Manager
    1820 Roosevelt Blvd.
    Eugene, OR 97402
    Ph: 541-682-4901

  4. Eugene Airport

    Andrew Martz
    Airport Services Manager
    28855 Lockheed Dr.
    Eugene, OR 97402
    Ph: 541-682-8484

Council Newsletter

The weekly City Council Newsletter provides updates from around the City on projects, events and other important City news.



  1. Video on Vimeo with a February 2020 Parks and Rec Bond and Levy Update

    Parks and Rec Bond and Levy Update

    Parks staff have been working on everything from strengthening safety and security efforts and increasing park maintenance, to planning park renovations and the creation of new parks in under-served areas. Recreation is moving forward with big renovations and expansions of their own. Learn more about 2018 Bond and Levy projects.

  1. Video on YouTube about City of Eugene urban reserve planning

    Urban Reserves

    The goal of Urban Reserve planning is to identify where Eugene may grow beyond our current urban growth boundary to accommodate up to 50 years of projected population growth.

  1. Video on Vimeo about Eugene Police Department's new Street Crimes Unit

    Eugene Police Street Crimes Unit

    The Street Crimes Unit focuses on prolific offenders, who are identified through intelligence-based policing, public tips and other sources. They have been proactively responding across the city using all available resources. The SCU and its activities are made possible by one-time, 18-month Community Safety System Bridge Funding approved by the Eugene City Council.