2015 PPV Rules Update

In 2015, the Eugene City Council updated City code to allow vehicles for hire in Eugene to use smart phone applications to calculate and charge fares. The Council also gave direction to update administrative rules to accommodate new transportation models while maintaining community safety standards such as driver background checks and insurance requirements.
City staff met with community members, existing taxi companies, Uber and Lyft representatives, local agencies and interested parties to collect input on the updates. The updated rules are intended to address issues raised by both currently-licensed public passenger vehicle companies and not-yet licensed transportation network companies (TNCs). 

The updated rules make it possible for companies like Uber to operate in Eugene by:
  • Adding TNCs as a type of company that can be licensed to provide vehicles for hire; and
  • Making it possible for people to use a personal vehicle to provide rides by removing requirements for TNCs to have vehicles all the same color, to post rates on the outside of the vehicle, and to have a top light.
In addition, the rules simplify insurance requirements for all public passenger vehicles. The rules still require vehicle safety inspections, insurance coverage whenever a driver is working, and driver certification that includes a background check through the Eugene Police Department. A link to the updated rules and an overview of the changes are provided below.
  If you have additional questions please feel free to email ppv@ci.eugene.or.us.