How to Use Guest and Service Permits

In order to accommodate residents' guests and service providers in residential parking zones, guest and service permits are available. These permits are available to eligible residents only and must be used in the zone listed on the permit.

Below are examples of Guest and Service Permits and directions on how to use them.

Please be aware: Older versions of these permits are not valid.

Residential Zone Guest Permits

A residential zone customer can obtain up to 30 single day use permits per month. Any permits above 30 require Parking Services approval.

Be sure to check the requirements before applying for a guest permit.

Instructions for guest permits are available here.

Service Parking Permit

This Permit is issued for a professional service being performed at an address in a residential parking zone. Professional services must be verifiable by a signed contract between the service provide and the resident. Examples of these type of service are housekeeping, child and lawn care.

Instructions for service permits are available here.