Climate Recovery Ordinance

EarthIn July 2014, City Council became one of the first cities in the nation to officially adopt climate action goals for the City of Eugene. More than “stated goals,” these have been added to city code through an ordinance that includes components for internal city operations as well as larger community goals.

Climate Recovery Ordinance (pdf)

In July 2017, Eugene City Council passed updates to the Climate Recovery Ordinance that added benchmarks, timelines, and a scientifically based ghg reduction goal.

July 2016 updated Climate Recovery Ordinance (pdf)


2015 Progress Report


In 2010, Eugene joined a growing list of forward-thinking cities around the world that are addressing climate change and energy challenges by planning with vision and creativity. We created the Community Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP). The CEAP was unique because it addressed three separate but related goals that included: reducing community-wide greenhouse gas emissions, reducing community-wide fossil fuel use and identifying strategies to help the community adapt to future changes.

The Climate Recovery Ordinance adopted last year is the next step our community is making toward these efforts.