Street Sweeping

Street Sweeper

 Photo by Vern Rogers

Street Sweeping in Eugene

The Public Works Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining more than 1,300 lane miles including streets, alleys and bike paths. The Stormwater Maintenance Crew uses a fleet of five street sweepers to remove debris from these streets, alleys and bike paths.

Staff members on this crew are continuously busy throughout the year, not only performing routine sweeps, but also playing a crucial role in leaf collection, snow and ice control sand recovery programs, and responding to vehicle accident scenes and reports of broken glass or debris in the right-of-way. This makes the streets safer for motorists and cyclists, and it also helps keep debris and pollutants out of local waterways, which is why street sweeping is funded by stormwater user fees in Eugene.

 Street Sweeper Notification Sign-up - Temporarily Suspended

Street sweeping notification is temporarily suspended through leaf collection season and winter operations. During leaf collection, street sweepers follow the leaf collection team as they make their way through two rounds of collection throughout the City.

Sweeper notification will resume once leaf collection and winter operations are complete.