Land Use Application Information

Welcome! This page is intended to provide you with information about the land use application process, including application types and processes, how to look up information about a specific project, and how to provide useful comments on land use applications.

Application Types and Process

Each type of land use application follows a specific review process. To learn more about the different types of land use applications and the review process for each type, click here.

Approval Criteria

  As part of the review process, each type of land use application is reviewed for compliance with specific approval criteria from the land use code (criteria are the standards or rules that a decision maker uses to base a decision on). To view the approval criteria for each application type, click here.
Bascom Village Phase

Commenting on a Specific Project

For helpful hints about how to provide effective testimony on a specific land use application, click here.

Application Materials for Specific Projects 

Use the following directions to visit the Land Use Application Search page to view the documents and application materials associated with a specific land use application/project.

 See the instructions below and then click here to go to the search page:   
  1. Find a file number on your notice (i.e. A 16-1)
  2. Click on By File Number
  3. Select Type from dropdown (i.e. if the file number is A 16-1, select Annexation (A)
  4. Click in the next field (xx) and type the year (the first two digits of the file number, i.e. 16  in A 16-1)
  5. Click in the next field (xxx) and type the number (the last one or two digits after the dash, i.e. 1 in A 16-1)
  6. Click on the Search button
  7. When the Land Use Application Search Results window opens, click on the Documents link
  8. To view a specific document, click on any of the links under Document Name
  9. To find documents by document name, date or type, sort by using the up and down arrows at the top of the documents title bar (i.e. to sort so the most recent documents are at the top of the list, click the Document Date arrow twice).
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