Leaf Collection and Delivery Program

The 2019-20 leaf season is here! Our crews started their first round of cleanup on November 12. We are also delivering leaves at this time. Please submit Leaf Delivery Requests online

Thank you for your cooperation and support of this program!


Curbside Leaf Placement Dates 2019-2020 Leaf Season

Zone When to Place Leaves Out Leaf Pickup Dates
Nov. 9, 10, 11 Nov. 12-15
2 Nov. 16 and 17 Nov. 18-27
3 Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 Dec. 2-6
4 Dec. 7 and 8 Dec. 9-13
5 Dec. 14 and 15 Dec. 16-20

How to Use This Map

1. Identify your location on the map above (by color or zone number). If you are unable to read the map, please call City of Eugene Public Works at 541-682-4800 for more information. 

2. Place your leaves curbside on the dates that match your zone.  

NOTE: our crews pick up leaves during the work week (M-F).

3. Public Works leaf teams will pick up the leaves in your area on the dates shown in the Leaf Pickup Dates column in the table above.

4. Street sweepers will follow within a few days to clean up remaining debris.  Sweepers are much slower than the trucks, so please be patient.


The second round of leaf pickup for ALL ZONES will begin on December 26.

Leaf Overview 2018a