2006 Bond Measure Progress

Future Home of Santa Clara Community Park
In 2006, Eugene voters passed a $27.5 million bond measure for Parks and Recreation acquisition and limited development. Since then, the City of Eugene has spent about $22 million to secure land for future developed parks in underserved neighborhoods, acquire additional natural areas, and expand the availability of sports fields across the city.

The map below illustrates the distribution and type of bond-funded projects across the city (view PDF).

2006 Bond Measure Accomplishments Map

Community and Neighborhood Parks

  • Acquired 7 new neighborhood park sites and expanded 1 park for a total of 19 acres. 
  • Acquired 35.5 acres for Santa Clara Community Park and expanded Amazon Community Park by .4 acre. 
  • Acquired 170 acres to expand Golden Gardens Park in Bethel and constructed improvements, including an emergency access bridge, a walking trail, signage, and re-contoured banks to improve safety. 

Natural Area Acquisition

  • 1002 acres of natural area, primarily in the Ridgeline Park system, exceeding land acquisition goals in this category. Land outside the urban area has been easier to acquire due to available land, willing land owners and lower cost. We’ve also matched bond funds with more than $4.5 million in grants, donations and other funding sources for these acquisitions. 

New Sports Fields

  • Partnered with 4J and Bethel School Districts to build 8 new all-weather synthetic fields at middle and high schools. Cost savings allowed construction of an additional field at Kelly Middle School that was not originally planned. 
  • Partnered with School District 4J to replace 4 existing fields at high schools.

What is Left to Do

Community and Neighborhood Parks

  • We’re seeking to acquire land for an additional 6 neighborhood parks in unserved areas. 
  • We’re looking for opportunities to acquire additional land to expand Santa Clara Community Park and connect it to the Willamette River.