2006 Bond Measure Progress

2006 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Bond Measure

The City Council adopted the Eugene Parks Recreation and Open Space Plan in May 2006, which laid out direction for future development of the park and recreation system in Eugene. Six months later, in November 2006, Eugene voters passed a $27.5 million bond measure for Parks and Open Space acquisition and development. Fifty-nine percent of Eugeneans who voted supported the Bond Measure and its slate of projects, which are organized into 5 categories:

  • Community and Neighborhood Park Acquisition
  • Golden Gardens Park Expansion and Development
  • Natural Area Park Acquisition
  • Synthetic Surface Athletic Field Development
  • West Eugene Wetland Education Center Development

Below is a brief summary of the accomplishments to date under each of the five categories.

Community and Neighborhood Park Acquisition

These projects aim to acquire land to expand existing parks and to create new future park sites.

  • Acquired a 17-acre parcel in the Santa Clara neighborhood to be added to approximately 19 acres previously purchased under the bond measure for Santa Clara Community Park on River Loop 1. The City hopes to acquire additional land for this important community park in the Santa Clara area. 
  • Acquired two lots adjacent to Amazon Park in December 2007. These parcels contain an 8-plex and a duplex that will continue to be managed as rental units until the area is needed for park expansion and development. 
  • Acquired a 1.3 acre future neighborhood park site in west Eugene (west of Chambers and south of 18th), with hopes of adding an adjacent parcel in the future. (Warbling Creek Park) 
  • Acquired a future neighborhood park site in the Cal Young area south of Beltline Road and east of Delta Highway. The 3.4 acre site contains a residence, and has many attributes suitable for a neighborhood park. (Wildwood Park) 
  • Acquired 4.9 acres for a neighborhood park west of Bailey Hill Rd on the south side of Amazon Creek. (Sam Reynolds Park) 
  • Acquired 8 undeveloped residential lots totaling just under one acre in the south Santa Clara area. (Ruby Park)

Golden Gardens Park Expansion and Development
Golden Gardens poppies
In 2007, the City acquired 170 acres of property adjacent to Golden Gardens Ponds. The bond measure also funded needed improvements at the site, including grading the banks of the ponds to improve safety, a new trail system around the ponds, and improvements to plant and wildlife habitat. The City also purchased a 1.5 acre parcel that will improve future access to the park when it is developed.

Natural Area Park Acquisition

Since passage of the 2006 Bond Measure, the City has purchased more than 1,400 acres of ridgeline properties for the Ridgeline Trail system, utilizing bond funds along with significant funds from other sources. These properties provide key linkages and sites for future expansion of the highly popular Ridgeline trail system along the Ridgeline corridor and also provide substantial natural resource and scenic value. Donations were received from four of the sellers totaling $1.4 million dollars.

S Eugene Meadows 
  • The City purchased 56.5 acres in the Amazon Headwaters area, providing new trail connections, while protecting portions of Amazon Creek and adjacent plant and wildlife habitat. 
  • The City purchased a 193-acre ridgeline parcel now called South Eugene Meadows. This purchase was supported by more than $2,000,000 in grants and donations and a state/federal grant provided almost $200,000 for three years of maintenance.
  • The City acquired 516 acres next to the Lane Community College campus, which connects to the existing Mount Baldy natural area owned by the City. The new site is now called Suzanne Arlie Park, and it has been identified as a site for future mountain bike trails. 
  • The City purchased seven additional ridgeline parcels totaling about 140 acres, mostly adjacent to Wild Iris Ridge in west Eugene. Next year, a new trail is planned at this site, to expand hiking opportunities in the west part of town.
Synthetic Surface Athletic Fields

Synthetic sports fields greatly expand the playing season in our wet climate and on our soggy winter soils. These projects replaced old worn-out fields and built new ones:
  • The City shared costs with School District 4J to replace the artificial turf fields at North Eugene, South Eugene, Sheldon and Churchill High Schools. 
  • The City and School District 4J shared the cost of constructing new all-weather sports fields at Cal Young Middle School, Madison Middle School, Jefferson Middle School, Spencer Butte Middle School, and Kelly Middle School. 
  • The City and School District 52 shared the cost of constructing new synthetic sports fields at Willamette High School and Meadowview School.
West Eugene Wetland Education Center

The construction of the West Eugene Wetland Education Center is on hold pending future fundraising and partner funding from other agencies and organizations.

What’s Next?

We continue to work hard at acquiring land for neighborhood and community parks to fulfill the goals of the 2006 Bond Measure. Now that the economy is recovering, property owners that have been waiting out the recession are finally beginning to put their properties on the market. This is already creating some new acquisition opportunities and we are currently working on additional park acquisitions in the Santa Clara and Bethel neighborhoods.