Santa Clara Expansion Area

The Santa Clara expansion area is a recently adopted expansion of Eugene’s urban growth boundary (UGB) for addition land for a community park. This expansion adds 35 acres of land to the UGB in the northern area of the River Road/Santa Clara neighborhood. This area has been historically underserved by community parks, and this expansion would provide new recreation opportunities connected to Madison Middle School, at River Loop 2, River Loop 1 and Wilkes Drive.


One of the changes proposed with Envision Eugene is expanding our urban growth boundary in the Santa Clara area near Madison Middle School. This page covers some of the big picture questions about why we are proposing an expansion in Santa Clara and what such an expansion would look like. For more details, see the More on Santa Clara sidebar.

What will change if we expand in the Santa Clara area?

When land is brought into the UGB, it becomes eligible for different types of development. Although the land included in this expansion is already owned by Eugene Parks and Open Space, it cannot be further developed as a community park until it is brought into the urban growth boundary. Community parks typically include both active and passive recreational opportunities such as sports facilities, paths, restrooms, picnic areas, and community recreation facilities.

Santa Clara Expansion Recommendation
  • /WQ Water Quality Overlay Zone map amendment for the Santa Clara expansion area
  • Santa Clara expansion area zoning and overlay zone maps

What is the latest on the Santa Clara expansion?

The Santa Clara expansion is part of the UGB Adoption Package. This collection of documents includes information about where and why Eugene is setting its city-specific urban growth boundary, including the Santa Clara expansion. As a significant legal action, the adoption of the UGB includes analysis regarding how the adopted UGB will meet the city’s 20-year land needs for jobs, housing, and public land. It also includes policies and amendments to already adopted plans.

The UGB adoption process will include public outreach, including formal processes through the Eugene Planning Commission and City Council, and Lane County Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners. Once the local process has been completed, the UGB Adoption Package will go to the State for acknowledgement.


How does the Santa Clara expansion relate to adopting our UGB?

The Urban Growth Boundary Adoption Package is the collection of legally required documents to formally set (adopt) the UGB. The Santa Clara expansion requires substantial documentation about how the land was chosen for expansion and how it will meet the city’s land need for parks.

Because these documents are focused on showing the state that we are meeting our responsibilities in accordance with state law, most of the language in these documents is both legal and extremely detailed.

Specific documents in the UGB Adoption Package related to the Santa Clara expansion are:


How does the Santa Clara expansion relate to Envision Eugene: Vision to Action?

Envision Eugene: Vision to Action is an upcoming set of four documents that present the outcome of the Envision Eugene process and complementary ways to make the community vision a reality. The 2015 working drafts of all four documents are available here.

The Santa Clara expansion is one of the strategies for meeting the overall goals of Envision Eugene, and is presented from the perspectives of values and specific actions.

The Community Vision explores the history, the values, and the goals that inform how Eugene should grow. Santa Clara is the site of a needed community park, which is supported by the pillars of Envision Eugene, particularly protecting, restoring and enhancing natural resources and protecting, repairing and enhancing neighborhood livability.

The Comprehensive Plan is the state-mandated land use policy plan for the City of Eugene. The city-specific urban growth boundary will include the expansion for the community park in Santa Clara.

The Urban Form Plan presents both local context and best practices to guide and inform the built environment in Eugene. Although the Urban Form Plan provides guidance that can enhance park development in Santa Clara, it is not directly tied to the expansion itself.

The Action Plan lays out specific steps to achieve the goals of Envision Eugene. Several of these actions relate to the adoption of the Santa Clara expansion, and the use of the expansion to meet our goals.


What else might I want to know about the Santa Clara expansion?

What are future opportunities to comment on the Santa Clara expansion?
More information about upcoming opportunities can be found on the Get Involved! page.

How was the need to expand determined?
The need for an expansion for parks is based on the City’s long-range parks planning efforts which identified a need for two community parks to serve north Eugene, one of which is in the Santa Clara area.

More information on how our land need was identified can be found on the Parks and Schools page.