Division Managers

Captain Sherri Meisel

CaptSherri_8083.jpgCaptain Sherri Meisel started with us in December 2014. She had been a member of the Detroit Police Department since 1997, when she was hired as a police officer. While there, she worked as a patrol officer, patrol sergeant, detective sergeant in charge of a homicide unit and investigations lieutenant. As a lieutenant she supervised three units including a patrol shift, a domestic violence unit and a district investigative unit. She recently worked on policy in Detroit’s Office of the Chief. She has a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in environmental health. She has completed the Staff and Command School at Eastern Michigan University.

Technical Services Division Manager Pam Collett

PamC8143.jpgDivision Manager Pam Collett was hired as a dispatcher by our department and quickly progressed to coach/field training officer and then lead specialist, promoting to communications supervisor in 1990. Throughout her career with us, she regularly instructed on our behalf at the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training and was one of the foundational curriculum developers and instructors in what is now known as the Basic Telecommunicator Academy. In 2001, Pam was offered a full time position with DPSST as the telecommunications program manager, where she coordinated public safety training for all disciplines throughout the state. She was also responsible for the Emergency Medical Dispatch Program, Field Training Manuals for Police, Parole and Probation, Corrections and 911 and the Field Training & Evaluation Program. During her time at DPSST, Pam worked very closely with 911 across the State and region on best practices and training and she facilitated the development of the first Oregon-based Tactical Dispatch Academy and Training Program. Pam returned to us nearly five years ago in a communications operations manager position, reporting to the Technical Services division manager. Since coming back, Pam became a member of the DPSST Policy Board, the DPSST Curriculum Committee and is a member of the Training Committee (former committee chair) for Association of Public Safety Communications Officials.  Pam grew up in Eugene and attended the University of Oregon as a journalism major and also attended the Oregon Executive Development Institute. Approximately two years ago, Pam was promoted to division manager and is responsible for the Records Section, Central Lane 911 Center, and our department’s technology team.

Operations Support Division Manager Tim Schuck

TimS8134.jpgDivision Manager Tim Schuck heads the Operations Support Division at the Eugene Police Department. He began his career at EPD in February of 2011 as a service improvement analyst working in the Office of the Chief.  He later became the Crime Analysis Unit manager, which has played an integral part in our data-led policing efforts. Tim is currently on our Senior Staff Team as well as being the Co-Chair of the Human Resources Advisory Board for the City of Eugene. He was awarded Eugene Police Department’s Civilian Employee of the Year Award in 2012. Prior to coming to us, Tim was an administrator for a local utility and prior to that he was a manager at a high-tech manufacturing company. He earned a master’s degree in business administration as well as a bachelor’s degree in management from Northwest Christian University.