The Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan


The Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan is a state-mandated land use plan that serves as the basic guiding policy document for land use planning in Eugene's urban growth boundary and addresses the future of Eugene through goals and regulatory policies regarding land use.

It includes the adopted urban growth boundary and guides the city as it develops work programs, conducts long-range planning, prepares budget and capital improvement programs, makes public investments, and develops related investment programs. New land use plans and changes to the City's land use code and land use plans must be consistent with the policies in the Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan. The policies do not apply in approving or denying individual land use applications, unless specifically stated in the policy.

A Phased Approach

For several decades, Eugene and Springfield have shared a common comprehensive plan - the Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Area General Plan (Metro Plan). The Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan replaces regional policies in the Metro Plan with new policies that are specific to Eugene. Because of the resource-intensive nature of moving from one comprehensive plan structure to another, the Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan will be developed in phases. The first phase (linked above) includes all elements that are essential to establishing the urban growth boundary (UGB). Following phases will address Eugene-specific issues, such as livability and land use designations within the UGB. Until those later phases are completed, Eugene will continue to use the Metro Plan policies related to those issues.