Envision Eugene: Vision to Action


Envision Eugene: Vision to Action builds on the seven pillars, strategies and actions of the 2012 Recommendation and City Council direction with four complementary documents that work together in moving Eugene towards a common vision. Most of Vision to Action will move forward after the adoption of our urban growth boundary; only the chapters of the Comprehensive Plan necessary for adopting our UGB are proposed for adoption at this time.  

Branch Chart

Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan

The Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan contains policies that allow us to adopt our urban growth boundary. While the chapters of the comprehensive plan with these policies will be adopted with the urban growth boundary, additional chapters will be developed with the other documents of Vision to Action after adopting of the UGB.

Community Design Handbook

The Community Design Handbook (CDH) is a broad set of non-regulatory design principles and guidelines that express the community’s vision for the built environment. The CDH represents best practices related to design in support of several pillars of Envision Eugene.

The CDH is an integral component of Envision Eugene: Vision to Action. The CDH principles and guidelines are intended to be used to inspire, educate, communicate, and inform investment.

Community Design Handbook Cover

Urban Form Plan

The Urban Form Plan is the design volume of Envision Eugene: Vision to Action. Each document in this four document set plays a different role in realizing the community’s vision and was developed through extensive community conversations. The document contains sections on Regional Identity, an Urban Framework Plan and the Community Design Handbook.

Urban Form Plan Cover