Urban Growth Boundary

In January of 2017, we began the formal process to adopt our own urban growth boundary (UGB), a major milestone for Envision Eugene.

Eugene's New UGB!

Deliberations & Action

At their August 8 2017 meeting, the Lane County Board of Commissioners voted to adopt the UGB adoption package, as reflected in their meeting materials. They also included with their decision a timeline from the City Council’s July 20, 2015 meeting materials to address the City’s clear and objective standards for needed housing, urban reserve planning (planning for beyond 20 years), and for the release of the first growth monitoring report.

See the final versions of the materials adopted by the Board of Commissioners (when available) at the County Ordinance website for the following:

  • Employment, Parks and School Land Ordinance No. PA 1345
  • Urban Transition Zone Code Ordinance No. 17-03
  • Residential Land Ordinance No. PA 1347

You can also view the August 8 deliberations meeting materials.

On July 17, the City Council voted to adopt the UGB adoption package as provided in their meeting materials.  See the final versions of the materials adopted by the City Council:

You can view the July 17 deliberations meeting materials in two places:

Versions of the Adoption Package Materials

(Final Version)- In July, the Council voted to approve the UGB Adoption Package. See the "Final Version" of the materials adopted by City Council:

The most recent working versions of the adoption package materials are provided below by topic area, including: 

(June Version)- In preparation for the July 17 Eugene City Council Deliberations, the Envision Eugene team prepared updates to some portions of the May 2017 Planning Commission Recommendation UGB Package. This June Update working draft addresses concerns raised through public testimony and minor changes for clarity and is provided below where applicable. 

(May Version)- The City Council and Board of Commissioners review focuses on an updated draft version (published in May 2017) of the UGB Adoption Package that reflects the Planning Commission’s recommendations. All topics below include a May version.

January & February Versions- The original adoption package materials were published in January 2017 and updated in February (for simplicity they are not included below).

Where are we the process?

The City of Eugene and Lane County Planning Commissions have reviewed the collection of documents that make up the "UGB Adoption Package" - all of the materials that support establishing Eugene’s own UGB. They have also reviewed and considered public testimony received during their phase of the process. Based on this review, both bodies have recommended adoption of the UGB package as amended through their deliberations, to their respective elected bodies. The most significant edits from the Planning Commission process were made to the proposed Clear Lake Overlay Zone. These revisions were made to increase preservation of large lots in the employment expansion area. Other edits were made for clarity and accuracy throughout the package.

We are continuing the formal adoption process with the Eugene City Council and the Lane County Board of Commissioners, focusing on the Planning Commission’s recommendation. This phase includes the same steps as the Planning Commission phase, with work sessions, a public hearing, and deliberations before the elected bodies make their decisions on UGB adoption. The City Council has acted to adopt and deliberations by the Board of Commissioners is next. For more process information see Get Involved! 

List of Approval Criteria

The proposed actions must be consistent with the Statewide Planning Goals, Chapter 197 of the Oregon Revised Statutes and Chapter 660 of the Oregon Administrative Rules, and the Eugene Code criteria including the Metro Plan (see policies). For employment, parks and school land, the state statutes and rules most directly applicable area here. For residential land the state statutes most directly applicable are here.


We have created a user-friendly Community Guide designed as an introduction to UGB adoption. The guide pulls together a variety of resources available across this site (such as fact sheets, infographics and timelines) and a version of the presentation delivered at the community information sessions in January and February. We have also developed a two-page summary of the UGB Adoption Package. We hope this helps orient you to the UGB Adoption Package and the process for adopting Eugene’s own UGB.

UGB Package highlights include:

The full list of adoption package elements is below. The UGB Adoption Package is almost a thousand pages long, and reflects more than six years of technical analysis, community input, and previous direction from City Council. As updated below, the UGB Adoption Package now also reflects the Planning Commissions’ recommendations from their 2017 review. Community members are invited to review the materials, which are laid out below with introductions to help people identify which aspects of the package they are most interested in.

However, you can find all documents submitted to the formal record of the UGB Adoption Package, including the documents below, testimony, staff reports and additional record items here.

For more information about the earlier part of the adoption process, see the following:

UGB Adoption Package Components (Draft Working Versions)

Different documents within the adoption package serve different purposes. A May Version is linked below and a June Update Version is provided where applicable. The different types of documents are:

Metro Plan

The Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Area General Plan (Metro Plan) has served as the comprehensive land use plan for both Eugene and Springfield for several decades. The adoption package will include several amendments to the Metro Plan to allow for a Eugene-specific UGB and comprehensive plan (see the Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan below). The Metro Plan land use diagram will also be amended to address the UGB expansion areas.

Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan (Phase 1)

Because the Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan is such a large undertaking, it will be adopted in phases. The first phase includes all components that are essential to adopting the UGB (housing supply, employment supply, etc.). The Topic Area pages have additional information about the urban growth boundary and the Clear Lake expansion area. A map showing the Eugene-specific UGB will also be adopted as part of the first phase. The remaining chapters will be developed as future phases.

Transportation System Plan

The City of Eugene Transportation System Plan 2035 will serve as the transportation element of the Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan, but it is also a plan in its own right and was developed to address the future transportation needs of the community as envisioned in the Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan.

Public Facilities and Services Plan

The Public Facilities and Services Plan must be amended to add water, wastewater, stormwater and electrical projects, including rough cost estimates and timing, to serve the expansion areas and areas within current urban growth boundary.

Adopted Natural Resource Plans and Maps

Natural resources are highly valued in Eugene, and are protected through a variety of plans and tools. Two strategies that have proposed updates in this adoption package are our "Goal 5" and "Goal 6" regulations, which protect resource areas and particular aspects of certain resource areas.

Land Use Code

The land use code must be amended for both the City of Eugene and Lane County within the UGB. These amendments address multi-family housing strategies as directed by City Council, zoning and other issues specifically for the expansion areas, and the transition of policies from the Metro Plan to the Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan.

Zone Changes

Both base and overlay zones will be applied to the expansion areas. The Clear Lake Overlay Zone will be added to the land use code to address preservation of large development sites and environmental justice concerns in the employment expansion area.

Technical Analysis and Studies

The following documents demonstrate the technical basis for adopting the urban growth boundary.

Legal Findings

Required written findings and analysis are included that show compliance with relevant Statewide Planning Goals, all applicable state laws and all applicable local land use regulations and policies for all of the above actions. These last documents address all of the work described above.


The documents laid out above are organized according to legal requirements in four ordinances that the City of Eugene or Lane County can use to adopt the UGB.

Exhibits to the City ordinances are used above. For a complete set of city or county exhibits in the order of the ordinances, see links below to document folders. Note that the exhibit numbers for the City and County employment ordinances are not exactly the same due to a few instances where the exhibit materials differ between the City and the County ordinances.

You can find all documents submitted to the formal record of the UGB Adoption Package, including the documents above, testimony, staff reports and additional record items here.

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Want to learn more about past community involvement and technical analysis? See How we got here. For more detail on specific topics, see Topic Areas.