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Transitioning from 2016 to 2017

In 2016, a lot of pieces fell into place for Envision Eugene. Building on years of community input and adapting to new concerns, the Envision Eugene team did outreach and analysis on other ways to meet the multi-family housing need that had yet to be accounted for. As a result, in October City Council directed the UGB adoption package to include two strategies: one for high density housing downtown, and another to increase minimum density requirements (with some exemptions) in R-2 medium density residential zones.

The Envision Eugene team also came to many summer events to talk with folks about Envision Eugene, the UGB proposal, or any planning topic. We gathered specific input on the Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan and the two proposed expansion areas of the UGB. All of this input has led to our official proposal of the entire UGB Adoption Package, which will begin formal public process in January of 2017. 

February Update

In preparation for the March 7th Joint Planning Commission Public Hearing, the Envision Eugene team prepared updates to portions of the January 2017 Proposed UGB Package. This February Update is limited to minor corrections or clarifications/additions. Typographical and other minor edits will be addressed during deliberations after the public hearing, in addition to other alterations recommended by the Planning Commissions.
Adopting our Urban Growth Boundary

After about six years of community visioning, technical analysis, and Council direction, we've put all of the pieces together to adopt Eugene's own urban growth boundary (UGB)! We are now moving into the formal adoption process. The City of Eugene and Lane County Planning Commissions, volunteer citizen committees will review the entire package (around a thousand pages!), and submit their recommendation to elected officials, who will hold their public process in the spring.

Earlier draft materials have been replaced with the materials proposed for adoption on our Adopting our UGB page.

Community Information Sessions on the UGB proposal are also scheduled. To learn more about these sessions, the hearings process and how to participate and tell us what you think, go to Get Involved!

Check out the UGB Community Guide, a user-friendly guide to the UGB adoption package and process.

Updated UGB Adoption Timeline

Our project timeline has been updated to reflect the planning commission review process. Click on the image below to see the updated timeline. To get involved, see upcoming events, and tell us what you think, go to Get Involved!
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