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Formal Adoption Process  - Phase 2

After four months of community information sessions, Planning Commission work sessions, a city/county public hearing and several Planning Commission deliberations on the UGB Adoption Package, both Commissions (Eugene and Lane County) have recommended approval of the UGB Adoption Package as revised through their deliberations. The adoption process and Planning Commissions' recommendations now move to the Eugene City Council and Lane County Board of Commissioners, where they will hold their own work sessions, public hearing and deliberations, and decide on adopting Eugene's own UGB.

Deliberations & Action

On July 17, the City Council voted to adopt the UGB adoption package as provided in their meeting materials. In preparation for the July 17 City Council deliberations and potential action on UGB adoption, staff produced supporting materials. You can view the meeting materials in two places:
Next up is the Lane County Board of Commissioners deliberations on August 8.

Public Hearing

View the webcast and meeting materials for the June 27th 2017 Joint Eugene City Council and Lane County Board of Commissioners public hearing. The public record has was left open for new testimony until 5 pm on July 5.

UGB Adoption Package Version 2 (Planning Commission Recommendation) Release

A second version (the Planning Commission Recommendation) of the UGB Adoption Package was released in May 2017. It is the result of the public testimony, Planning Commissioner suggestions and staff edits during the Planning Commission process. A description of the structure and links to the contents of this version of the UGB Adoption Package can be found on the Adopting Our UGB page.

Updated UGB Adoption Timeline

Click on the image below to see the updated timeline. To get involved, see upcoming events, and tell us what you think, go to Get Involved!
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