Community Design Handbook

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The Community Design Handbook (CDH) is a broad set of non-regulatory design principles and guidelines that express the community’s vision for the built environment.  The CDH represents best practices related to design in support of several pillars of Envision Eugene.


The Community Design Handbook (CDH) is an integral component of Envision Eugene: Vision to Action. The CDH principles and guidelines are intended to be used to inspire, educate, communicate, and possibly inform investment.
  1. Inspire: The CDH clearly sets forth the community’s expectations for quality and best practices of future development in Eugene.  
  2. Educate and Communicate: The visual, easy-to-use format provides a reference for conversations about design between neighbors, developers, policy makers, business owners, staff, and others.
  3. Invest: Some elements of the CDH may be appropriate to reference or adapt as criteria for making public investments in projects or partnerships.

Draft Community Design Handbook

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Please take time to read the newest handbook above and share your thoughts. Click each button to see that chapter. For a text-only version, see Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, and Chapter 5.


Past iterations of the Community Design Handbook had been reviewed, critiqued, and edited by numerous community stakeholders. You can see a summary of past community input here. The CDH is better because of those past efforts; thank you. We welcome your feedback through the questionnaire below.