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What’s Happening in Your Neighborhood?

All the different areas of Eugene are unique, with different resources, facilities, needs and priorities. It’s important to understand what exists within each of these areas currently to set the course for the future. Dig deeper into your neighborhood’s particular strengths, challenges and opportunities in the reports below. If you are unsure of your planning sub-area, please reference the map above.

Planning sub-area reports:

Four Challenges Facing Parks and Recreation

We spent last year listening to Parks and Recreation facility users, our partners and our staff to better understand the current state of Eugene’s Parks and Recreation. The resulting Needs Assessment highlighted many wonderful aspects of our system, as well as four problems.

  1. Current funding is insufficient to care for existing and planned parks, trails and amenities.
  2. Community centers and pools are outdated and too small for current and future recreation needs.
  3. Parks, pools and community centers are not equally distributed throughout the city.
  4. There are safety concerns in some parks, due to illegal activity and vandalism.
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