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Business make a difference. Our business conservation assistance and recognition programs support making sustainable action an everyday practice. Rethink Business provides free confidential assessments on practical ways to trim waste and save money. The Mayor’s Bold Steps Award celebrates businesses that are making an impact in the triple bottom line of environment, equity, and economy. Love Food Not Waste is a program that allows businesses to easily compost through garbage haulers. Check out information about these programs below!

Waste Reduction, Conservation Assistance & Recognition Programs

Recycling in Eugene

International market changes are driving changes in the way that recycling is processed in our area. Curbside recycling service is included in the cost of garbage collection. Most materials are commingled, with glass collected in a separate container. Find out what the current list of items are that can be recycled curbside.  Printable commingled recycling posters are available on our web pages.  

Love Food Not Waste Commercial Compost Program

Did you know that each year Eugene puts over 40 million pounds of food waste in the local landfill? Want to do something about it? We did. That is why local garbage haulers, commercial composters, the City of Eugene and area businesses teamed up to make sure that food scraps turn into valuable compost instead of take up space in our landfill. Join the Love Food Not Waste campaign and improve our earth while supporting local businesses.

Bring Your Bag Campaign

Single-use checkout bags may offer short-term convenience, but they have long-term costs in terms of litter and impact on wildlife and the environment. In an effort to promote reusable shopping bags and reduce litter, retail establishments and restaurants are not allowed to provide single-use checkout bags to customers.

Bold Steps Award Program

For the City of Eugene, sustainability means considering and balancing all three aspects of the triple bottom line – people, planet and prosperity – to address the community’s present needs without compromising future generations. The Bold Steps award recognizes businesses that embody this vision and are taking bold steps in each area of the triple bottom line. See previous years' Bold Steps Award Winners. 

Did you know that buildings are responsible for 72% of electricity use, 38% of carbon dioxide emissions, and 30% of waste created annually in the United States? The way that we construct, operate and renovate buildings significantly affects our health, environment and bottom line. You can find more information and resources for building green in the City of Eugene by visiting our Green Building web pages.


As one of the nation’s oldest non-profit recyclers, they have encouraged people to rethink what they use and what they throw away. They help our community keep useful items out of the landfill, find ways to use less stuff, reuse as many things as possible and recycle the rest. From collecting and re-selling used building materials to teaching kids about using earthworms to compost, BRING has a wealth of information, practical tips and programs to help you live well in Lane County. Visit their website to find out more about business sustainability certifications and services they offer. For a complete list of local rethink certified businesses, visit BRING’s rethink web pages.

BRING helps businesses protect the local environment, conserve natural resources, and save money through a variety of certification programs:

Solid Waste & Recycling Regulations

The City of Eugene regulates solid waste, recycling and yard debris collection within the city limits. This includes licensing haulers, developing standards and setting rates for collection service. Standards for collection are contained in the Eugene City Code and the Administrative Rule

Licensed Haulers:

Collection services are provided by licensed haulers. Haulers may collect from any area in Eugene. Please contact a hauler listed below to set up new service.

Company NameResidentialCommercialDrop Box Phone
Coburg Disposal  X683-5929
Countryside Disposal ServiceXX 687-1259
Eugene Drop Box  X689-6892
Lane Apex Disposal ServiceXXX607-2042
Lane Forest Products  X345-9085
Royal Refuse ServiceXXX688-5622
Waste Reduction Services LLC
X 686-1253

The City sets minimum rates and each licensed hauler may charge up to ten percent above that rate.

Commercial Collection Rates

Commercial collection service includes refuse and recycling collection; applicable disposal fees and Lane County fees are included in the basic rate. In the case of roll cart service, the rates vary from residential cart service; they are for curbside service only and yard debris service is not included. A complete rate schedule may be found in the Quick Links section of this page.

Monthly Rates - Commercial Roll Cart Service
Per Week
20 GallonN / AN / A$17.35$34.70$52.05$69.40$86.75$104.10
32 Gallon$9.50$15.20$23.70$47.40$71.10$94.80$118.50$142.20
60 GallonN / AN / A$42.70$85.40$128.10$170.80$213.50$256.20
90 GallonN / AN / A$53.20$106.40$159.60$212.80$266.00$319.20

*OAM - Once a month, EOW - Every Other Week

Container service from 1 - 6 cubic yards is also available for commercial customers. These rates provide incentives for customers to use the most efficient service possible. Rates reflect incentives for fewer trips in a given week. For accounts with multiple containers, the largest size container will be considered the primary container; additional containers are charged at a lower rate.

Please refer to the complete Solid Waste Collection Rate Schedule in the Quick Links section for a full listing of container rates and drop box rates.

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