City Hall News

The new City Hall will be designed to achieve the project goals as approved by City Council and based on community input, to create a very energy efficient, safe, and welcoming public building and plaza that we can all take pride in for decades to come.

Energy Efficiency

We are working to make our new City Hall as energy efficient as possible. It will be a minimum of LEED Silver and most likely LEED Gold. The design includes a ground source heat pump which minimizes energy consumption while also reducing ongoing operation and maintenance costs. Energy efficiency considerations are also integrated into many other aspects of the design: high-performance wall and window systems, effective daylighting in conjunction with LED lighting, a double skin façade on the south building face to mitigate heat gain and heat loss, and photovoltaic panels on the roof to generate electricity for the building.

Public Art, Both New and Existing

Artists Sean Healy and Joe Thurston of Healy Thurston LLC were chosen by the City Hall Public Art Committee as the winning artists for Eugene City Hall’s percent for art project. The public art goals for the project are to generate outstanding new outdoor work which will support the public nature of City Hall’s civic space by activating the site; fostering connections between people; encouraging play and togetherness; and, initiating conversation and promoting a productive dialogue.

Healy Thurston stood out as exceptional among a pool of 22 artists and artist teams who applied in response to the request for qualifications. As award-winning public artists, they are well suited for this challenge, bringing a robust public art portfolio including local projects on the University of Oregon Campus for the Student Recreation Center, Lawrence Hall, and Anstett Hall/Peterson Hall/Chiles Center. Their work in Anstett Hall/Peterson Hall won an American’s for the Arts Best of 2014 Public Art Award. The General Service Administrations also commissioned Healy Thurston for artwork titled, “Jury Pool” in the Wayne L. Morse Federal Courthouse.

In addition, several pieces of artwork from the 1964 building have been saved and will be integrated into the new City Hall.