Town Square - City Hall

City, County Agreement

In June 2017, the Eugene City Council and Lane County Board of Commissioners reached an agreement to provide:

  • A site for a new County Courthouse on the former City Hall site
  • A site for a City Hall on the current Butterfly Lot

Rendering of proposed Town Square and location of future City Hall

The agreement is built on the City and County’s shared history on the sites and the community founders’ original vision of a “Town Square.” It also supports mutual goals of providing a permanent location for:

  • Year-round, public farmers’ market
  • Strengthening downtown’s connection to the river
  • Continued momentum of downtown revitalization

One condition of the agreement was that a judge determine that there are no restrictions on the property that would prevent the proposed purchase, sale, or development of those properties for the proposed uses. In October 2018, a judge ruled that no deed restrictions exist to prohibit Lane County from selling the Butterfly Lot to the City of Eugene. 

Town Square

In 1855, Eugene and Mary Skinner and Charnel and Martha Mulligan, each agreed to donate adjoining 40-acre parcels to Lane County if the county commissioners agreed to choose Eugene as the county seat. The land included in the Skinner portion was donated from Mary Skinner’s acreage. While most of the land was sold to fund the creation of the city, four acres were reserved for public building and the creation of a "public square in Eugene City." Today, two of the original four Park Blocks remain.

The land exchange with Lane County provides an opportunity rediscover the Town Square Eugene used to have – Park Blocks dedicated to the community by our city founders – and transform it into something that serves our community today and is a legacy for future generations.

Estimated Project Timeline

  • 2018: Preliminary planning
  • 2019: Public engagement and concept design
  • 2020: Bidding and construction
  • 2021: Target completion of Park and Farmers’ Marketing
  • 2022: Target completion of new City Hall

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