New City Hall

Rendering of new City Hall, April 2016
Image courtesy Rowell Brokaw and The Miller Hull Partnership    

Eugene is planning for a new City Hall that will serve as an accessible, welcoming center for the community, as well as a home for City government. You may sign up to join our interested parties email list to receive project updates.

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On December 12 and 14, the City Council discussed and took action regarding City Hall options. You can view recordings of the meeting webcasts here: Dec. 12 Council meeting webcast; Dec. 14 Council meeting webcast. (The Dec. 14 meeting starts at about 20 minutes, following an executive session.) The Council had previously directed staff to conduct an evaluation of the EWEB building as one of the City Hall options and the results of that analysis, conducted by an independent architectural consultant, were presented on December 12. Although there are aspects of the EWEB option that are attractive, and a few of the councilors favored that option, in the end, the majority of the Council voted to direct the staff to pursue the option of locating City Hall on what is currently known as the “butterfly” parking lot, at 8th and Oak. This option would include locating City Hall on the north portion of that site and restoring the south half of the half block as part of the adjoining Park Blocks, making it a permanent home for the Lane County Farmers Market.

Among the leading reasons expressed by councilors for deciding on this option were the importance of keeping the center for City government in the heart of downtown adjacent to other governmental services and where the activity and presence of employees contribute to downtown vitality, and the opportunity to revitalize this significant  area of downtown and provide a long term home for the Farmers Market. Councilors also acknowledged this is Lane County’s preferred option enabling them to pursue use of the City Hall lot for the county courthouse. Regarding the EWEB option, councilors noted that the building would need more retrofitting than previously realized; costs are pretty comparable to the other options; there would be challenges to creating a suitable Council Chamber in the building; and there are accessibility issues especially for community members who use public transit. The motion approved by Council directs the City Manager to begin negotiations with Lane County regarding purchasing the butterfly lot and possible sale of the City Hall lot, and to return to council when there is more information on that negotiation.

City-County Coordinated Downtown Development 
The City of Eugene and Lane County have been collaborating over the last few months to evaluate options for downtown sites for some of the most prominent and well-visited public facilities and spaces in Eugene. For more on the City-County Coordinated Downtown Development Planning, visit: