2015 Proposed Street Classification Update

The City of Eugene is proposing to update the Street Classification Map this year as part of the Transportation System Plan update. Click here to view the proposed Street Classification Map.

The current street classifications for major arterial, minor arterial, major collector, and neighborhood collector streets within the Eugene UGB was adopted by Ordinance No. 20181 in November 1999 and amended by other ordinances thereafter. Click here to view the current (1999) Street Classification Map. Street Classifications are periodically reviewed and updated because traffic patterns and development activities impact right of way design strategies and alternative modes of travel. Click here to view the street classification rating matrix. For an explanation of the numerical ratings click here.

Street classification is an important and useful planning tool used in creating a comprehensive, understandable transportation system. The classification of streets serves several purposes. Having an updated classification map:
  • Allows city officials to clearly communicate the functional purpose of a street to the general public in the context of the overall transportation system;
  • Facilitates understanding of the functional and operational differences between the different types of streets;
  • Facilitates understanding of the jurisdictional responsibility for various streets and roads, and the methods of financing roadway improvements; and
  • Serves as a guide and reference to design and operational decisions that may be made concerning the future improvement of any given street segment

The draft Transportation System Plan (TSP) will be available for public review in July and public hearings on the proposed TSP and street classification changes are expected to begin in September.