Residential Re-designation Background

Final Action

  • On July 9, 2014 the City Council approved the proposals for Crow Road, Gilham Road and Irving Road/Eagles and on July 22, 2014 the Board of Commissioners approved the proposals for the un-annexed properties in Crow Road and Irving Road/Eagles.
  • Includes Metro Plan diagram designation changes, and corresponding changes to the refinement plan diagram/text, refinement plan land use code, and zoning in order to accommodate more housing inside the UGB. These approvals are effective as no appeals have been received.
    • See the Notice of City Council decision and the adopting Ordinances No. 20535 (annexed property) and No. 20536 (un-annexed property) here.
    • City Council proceedings- materials (July 9, 2014 deliberations/action, June 3, 2014 public hearing, May 28, 2014 work session)
    • Board of County Commissioners proceedings- meeting webcasts (July 22 & 8, 2014 deliberations/action, June 3, 2014 public hearing, May 20, 2014)
    • Planning Commission proceedings- materials, meeting webcasts (December 3 & 16, 2013 & January 27, 2014 deliberations/action, November 19, 2013 public hearing, November 18 & 19, 2013 work sessions)
  • The City Council acted to hold a work session on re-designation/rezone of the 13th/Naval Reserve site at a later date. The Willamette St/Rest-Haven site was withdrawn from the process at the property owner’s request.
  • The full record, including notices, maps, and other documents for this proposal can be found in the Eugene Land Information Database.


March 2012 Recommendation Strategy

The Envision Eugene 2012 Recommendation includes the following pillar, strategy, and action language:

Provide Housing Affordable to All Income Levels

Strategy 3 Action a: Re-designate selected areas that are more suited to single-family housing than multi-family housing…

Strategy 7 Action h: Re-designate the former Naval Reserve site, currently owned by the city, to multi- family housing for a future affordable housing development…

Re-designation of land to accommodate more housing inside the current Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) is a land use efficiency measure that reduces the amount of UGB expansion needed.

Strategy Details

The long-range plan for how the city develops in the future is laid out in the Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Area General Plan (Metro Plan). The Metro Plan includes goals, objectives, and policies as well as a land use diagram with different land use designations.

The land use diagram depicts generalized land use categories (e.g. Low Density Residential) and provides direction for the types of uses anticipated to occur on vacant and underutilized land and through redevelopment in the future.

The Envision Eugene process identified opportunities to change the land use diagram to implement the Community Vision (2012 recommendation) while accommodating more homes and jobs inside the current UGB.

In 2012, Eugene was projected to have a deficit of both Low Density Residential land (typically used for single-family housing) and Medium Density Residential land (typically used for multi-family housing) for the next 20 years of growth. To address this deficit, some areas were identified for re-designation studies to accommodate more housing in the future.
Redesignation Map All Site
Updated: Residential Re-designation Study Areas


The March 2012 recommendation identified the Crow Road Area, the Ayres Road site, the Gilham Road site, and the W.13th/Naval Reserve site for re-designation studies. After the March 2012 recommendation, two additional sites (Irving Road/Eagles and Willamette St/Rest-Haven) were identified for re-designation studies and one site (Ayres Road) was removed from consideration. During the adoption process, the Willamette St./Rest-Haven site was also withdrawn from consideration. See the updated map above.

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Earlier Planning Commission work sessions on July 8 and 15, 2013: work session materials webcast, July 8, 2013 staff presentation. ––>

For information on how the study areas fit into the other Envision Eugene housing recommendations, see the updated Land for Homes: Residential Re-designation map.

For specific study area information, see re-designations to accommodate more...