2018 Bold Steps Winner George Rode Repair Shops

The George Rode family of repair shops, which include Autohaus, Stadium Automotive, and EuroAsian Automotive, were awarded the 2018 Bold Steps Award by Mayor Vinis at Eugene’s State of the City event on January 4, 2018. The other finalists for the award were Summit Bank and Good Clean Love

The Bold Steps award recognizes Eugene-based businesses operating with a triple bottom line, balancing the needs of people and the planet with prosperity. The award represents a partnership between the City of Eugene, Mayor Lucy Vinis and BRING’s rethink program.

Some of George Rode Repair Shop’s triple bottom line efforts include:
  • Buying motor oil and coolant in bulk to reduce packaging and transportation impacts, and recycling packaging and oil filters.
  • Working to be awarded a voluntary and multi-step ECO Biz certification for each repair location.
  • Investing in solar upgrades to provide power for all repair locations.
  • Providing the option of loaner bicycles to customers during their auto repair process.
  • Additionally, the company supports healthy living by providing full medical coverage and health club memberships for employees.
George Rode Repair Shops gets to take the Bold Steps trophy to display for one year. For the City of Eugene, sustainability means considering and balancing all three aspects of the triple bottom line – people, planet and prosperity – to address the community’s present needs without compromising future generations. The Bold Steps award recognizes businesses that embody this vision and are taking bold steps in each area of the triple bottom line.
To qualify for consideration for the Bold Steps award, businesses must be located in Eugene, and certified through the rethink program, offered through BRING Recycling. Through rethink, businesses receive free, on-site consultation to reduce waste and save money.