Citizen Radar Program

Citizen Radar Program

Are you concerned about speeding in your neighborhood? If so, consider joining our Citizen Radar Program.

How It works:

In our citizen radar program, volunteers monitor vehicle speeds using a department issued radar unit. In the event a speeder is tracked on radar traveling 10 miles or more over the speed limit, the volunteer will document the vehicle description and license plate number. A letter is then sent to the registered owners. The letters are of escalating urgency regarding the vehicle speed and location. The third letter includes reference to a possible visit by a Traffic Enforcement Officer should the vehicle be tracked speeding a fourth time.

Citizens attend a 2-hour Radar class where they are trained by a Traffic Enforcement Officer to understand basic radar technology and science, how to use the radar guns, and safety while out on the streets. The data gathered is returned to the program manager, where volunteers check the license with the car description to ensure accuracy before a letter is sent out.

Participants may use the radar guns to address concerns in their neighborhood. You commit only to the time you can spare using the radar gun. Get involved and be a part of the solution!

For more information about the Citizen Radar Program, or to sign up for the next scheduled class, contact:

Jeff Blonde