Sustainable Event Resources

The City of Eugene provides a framework and tools to deliver events sustainably and promote a sustainable business ecosystem. The goal is to leverage the local interest in sustainable practices to adopt a ‘sustainable event standard’ to accomplish community goals and engage fans in sustainable behaviors. Additionally, the City of Eugene continues to develop new event sustainability tools, which will be available for beta testing by all Pilot Events, and ultimately made available to everyone once testing is completed. Tools include an organics recovery greenhouse gas calculator, a carbon calculator for travel emissions, and a sustainability report generator.

The following resources are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement by the City of Eugene of any specific hauler, method, or service provider.
  1. Zero Waste Resources
  2. Meeting & Conference Resources
  3. Sporting Event Resources

Hauling Waste at Events​

    Coordinator services

    Preparation checklists and how-to guides

    Equipment rentals and supplies purchasing