Betty Taylor

Betty Taylor

Eugene City Councilor, Ward 2

Term: January 2017 - January 2021

125 East 8th Avenue, 2nd floor, Eugene, OR 97401

Phone: 541-338-9947

Fax: 541-338-9947

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Community Service/Involvement

  • City Club
  • Friends of Eugene
  • Obsidians
  • Oregon Wild
  • Sierra Club
  • Unitarian Church
  • Wayne Morse Society: Ex-Officio Board Member

Current Council Assignments

  • Budget Committee 
  • Intergovernmental Relations Committee
  • Lane Regional Air Protection Agency
  • Metropolitan Policy Committee (alternate)  
  • National League of Cities Advisory Council
  • National League of Cities Energy, Environment, and Natural Resouces Committee
  • National League of Cities University Communities Council Steering Committee

Professional Background

  • English teacher at high school, community college and university levels

Educational Background

  • University of Oregon, Ph.D., English
  • University of Illinois, M.A., English
  • Illinois State University, B.S. Ed.

Special Interests and Concerns

  • Citizen involvement
  • Neighborhood protection
  • Civil liberties
  • Open spaces
  • Parks
  • Tree Protection
  • Wetlands
  • Bicycle and pedestrian paths
  • Rail transportation
  • Arts
  • Inclusionary Zoning
  • Property tax relief
  • Alternative revenue sources
  • Living wage ordinance
  • Street Repair
  • Historic Preservation

Personal Statement

Eugene’s greatest assets are a beautiful natural environment and an active, concerned citizenry. Both should be protected—the environment from incremental degradation, the concerned citizenry from the apathy which sometimes results from being ignored.

Every increase in pavement and pollution has wide ranging and long term effects on our environment. We should be keenly aware of the cumulative effect of all governmental actions.

Alternative transportation contributes to environmental protection and adds to the enjoyment of life. We should do everything possible to encourage bicycle, foot, and rail transportation.

I think that citizen involvement can be encouraged by giving citizens a voice in every aspect and at every stage of any project.

I consider arts and recreation as essential as police and fire protection. When funds are not adequate for essential government services, I think it is incumbent on elected officials to find an equitable source of additional revenue.

When state laws prevent us from doing what is best for Eugene, I think that we should focus our lobbying efforts on changing those laws. On the other hand, when a problem is not manageable on the local level—shelter for the homeless, for example—we should lobby for laws and funds to create statewide solutions.

In every area I think that we should consider all angles and options. One example, which I hope the council will consider, is inclusionary zoning, rather than housing projects, for low-income residents.

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