Pedestrian & Bicycle Strategic Plan Update

Bikes in the Street with Band  kids racing tricycles 

We are updating our Pedestrian Bicycle Strategic Plan right now.  Take the online survey to help prioritize the actions to help make Eugene a more walkable and bikeable community HERE!  
(Survey is open until March 14, 2014)

Plan Purpose
The goal of this 5-year Strategic Plan is to forge a path for Eugene to follow, in becoming a more walkable and bikeable city. This plan is not a regulatory plan, instead, it is a guide for City staff, community members, and organizations to use as they work toward a common vision. 

To make this vision a reality, the plan identifies goals and actions that are tangible and achievable within the next five years. Actions address programs in Encouragement, Education, Evaluation, and Enforcement.  It also addresses some infrastructure improvements and programs in Engineering that are not specifically called out in the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan.

This plan supports the community’s efforts toward addressing sustainability and the challenges of global climate change. It furthers the community’s goals of equity - a truly walkable and bikeable city is more equitable because senior citizens, people with disabilities, and children and youth will have the same mobility opportunities as the driving population. Moreover, a walkable and bikeable city supports active lifestyles and will improve overall community health. 

The Plan is intended to be used in several ways: 

  1. To guide City of Eugene Transportation Planning Team staff,  other City staff, divisions and department, and the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee in their work to make Eugene more walkable and bikeable; and 
  2. To involve the community in a concerted, structured effort to improve the experience of walking and biking in Eugene; and
  3. To help coordinate the activities and programs of many different organizations, non-profit agencies, and government agencies that promote walking and biking in Eugene. 

This Strategic Plan articulates an overarching vision for the community and provides a concrete, specific plan of action that will empower and guide the community toward this vision. It is a dynamic plan that relies on broad community participation. 
This strategic plan has three parts: 
Vision: The vision statement concisely describes a future Eugene in which walking and biking are more fully integrated into the life of the city. Attaining this vision will require a strong commitment by individuals and organizations throughout the community, and a significant investment of time and resources. 
Goals: The five goals address issues of community culture, encouragement, safety, accessibility and connectivity, and implementation and funding. 
Actions: This plan has 59 specific, assignable actions for implementing the goals.   The actions are broken into 5 categories relating to the “Five E’s”: Encouragement, Education, Enforcement, Evaluation and Engineering.  To help guide the implementation of the plan, City staff, the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee and the community will prioritize the actions. Take the survey to help prioritize here.
*Prior to prioritization
** NOTE: This plan is intended to serve as a guide to action by the City, other agencies, and the community. It does not obligate the City or any other entity or person to implement any action. It is expected that as time and budgets allow, the feasibility of individual actions will be considered for implementation. 

Vision: Eugene is a place where walking and biking are integral to the community’s culture, where the city’s livability, independence, economic prosperity and overall quality of life are enhanced by more people walking and biking, and where these modes of transportation are safe, convenient and practical options for everyone. 


Goal 1 -  Foster and develop a community culture supportive of walking and biking as important modes of transportation and recreation. 

Goal 2 - Increase the share of trips people make by walking and biking for transportation and recreation. 

Goal 3 - Increase safety and perception of safety for people who use active transportation. 

Goal 4 - Create accessible, efficient and convenient facilities for people who walk and bike to travel to the places where they live, work, and play. 

Goal 5 - Build productive partnerships and obtain stable and diverse resources to implement and promote the plan.