Eugene Trails Plan

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Current Status

The Eugene Trails Plan will be adopted administratively, and components of it will be included in the Park and Recreation System Plan currently being developed. 

Considering existing budgets and current funding sources, it’s highly unlikely the Parks and Open Space Division will be able to implement and maintain all the listed projects over the next decade or two. The current prioritization scheme was presented at the final public open house on July 28, 2016.

Final Draft Map - North (2.8 MB)
Final Draft Map - South (3.6 MB)
Final Draft Water Trail Map (.9 MB)
Final Draft Narrative (6 MB)

Second Public Meeting

Picture of 2nd meeting
The second public meeting was held on Feb. 26, 2015. More than 100 people were in attendance. Results of the survey, and the draft maps and documents were presented. 
Second meeting presentation  (5.87 MB)

Second Web Survey

The second survey closed on Feb 19, 2015. Oregon State University conducted the survey based on the recent statewide trails survey done for the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. 
Final Report (coming soon)
OSU preliminary survey results presentation (404 KB)

Draft Plan Documents

Comments on the draft documents were accepted through March 2015, and a number of discussions were held with interested stakeholder groups. 
Draft Trail System Guiding Principles (106 KB)
Draft Trail System Map - Definitions (106 KB)
Draft Potential Trail Project Table (.4 MB)
Draft Project Prioritization Criteria (65 KB)

January 2015 Update

After a hiatus due to work load and limited staffing resources, the Eugene Trails Plan project  kicked back into gear with a consultant being hired to assist, Jeff Krueger of JK Environments; a random sample survey was conducted by Oregon State University; and a draft plan map was prepared based on input from the first survey, local trail organizations and city staff. The map, its associated project list, draft guidelines, and results from the first and second survey were shared at the second public meeting on February 26th, 2015.

First Web Survey

The first web survey closed on Sunday, February 9, 2014 with 528 responses.
Complete Survey Responses (1.2 MB)


Eugene has about 38 miles of soft-surface trail: trails that are not paved, but have bark, wood chip, gravel, dirt and rock surfaces. These trails include such highly popular amenities as Pre’s and the Adidas/Rexius running trails, the Ridgeline Trail system, as well as trail systems in parks like Hendricks and Skinner Butte. Additionally, Eugene contains a short stretch of the Willamette River Water Trail. Water Trails are designated routes on rivers or streams that are suitable for non-motorized boating - canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, tubes, etc. Eugene Parks and Open Space Division has embarked on a trail master plan process to grapple with some tough issues facing our soft-surface trails, such as compatible uses and system expansion and maintenance.

Kick Off MeetingKick Off Meeting held January 14, 2014

The Eugene Trails Plan kick off meeting was held on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at the Eugene Public Library, with over 80 citizens in attendance. Parks Planning staff presented an overview of the trail system and the issues that will need to be addressed in the plan. The discussion period was lively, and staff from multiple POS sections were on hand to help answer questions. All were encouraged to fill out the first survey available on this webpage through February 9, 2014

Kick off meeting PowerPoint Presentation (3.9 MB)

Pre's TrailDo you run, jog, walk, hike or mountain bike on any of the more than 38 miles of unpaved trails in Eugene? We have a wonderful range of soft surface trails, from Pre’s Running Trail in Alton Baker Park to the Ridgeline Trail winding through the south hills. We also have a short stretch of the Willamette River Water Trail running through town, but we have never had a comprehensive trails plan to help guide and coordinate decisions about use, development, maintenance, and management of our trail system.

In January 2014 we began a planning process to develop a Eugene Trails Plan. We expect it to be completed by the end of summer of 2015.

Questions? Send an email to Philip Richardson.

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