eBuild is a web-based solution that allows applicants to initiate and complete the plan review process from application to permit issuance online.  As the applicant you will be able to submit drawings, pay fees, and select contractors online. You will be notified of any status changes to your project in real-time.  When your plans have been approved and your fees have been paid, you will be able to download and print the approved stamped plans.

What type of projects can I apply for?
All types of projects are eligible for submittal through eBuild including stand-alone trade permits for electrical, plumbing, and residential mechanical.   Contractors, architects, engineers, designers, or owners can apply. 
Ready to get started?  Simply go to the eBuild page, create an account and log in.  

Need help?
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If you have additional questions regarding this process please contact our staff at 541-682-5505 or by email.