Activity Booths, Vendors & Food Carts

A Great Opportunity

Eugene Sunday Streets welcomes businesses, community groups, food carts, and nonprofits to join us at this annual summer event that celebrates our community. 

Participation Options

The events offer an opportunity to reach thousands of area residents of all ages and from all demographics. Meet people face-to-face in one of our busy Activity Centers or along the route by participating in one of many ways:

Activity Booths

All activity booths must offer an interactive - preferably, physically active - activity (food carts are exempt from this requirement).


Eugene Sunday Streets provides a great opportunity to showcase your new class. We are always looking to partner with you to offer a free class or activity to our participants during the event. Depending on the level of involvement, you could be featured in the program or even in our advertising!

Innovative Partnerships

In-kind donations of food items or services could receive free or prorated registration.

Human-Powered Food Carts and Businesses

Eugene Sunday Streets is all about active, human-powered businesses. Contact us with any questions.

Vendor Registration

Submit completed forms by:


Email us with any additional questions.