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Want to make a difference in the community? Eugene’s boards and commissions are resident advisory groups that provide an invaluable service to our city by advising City Council and/or City staff on a wide variety of subjects. The City of Eugene’s Human Rights Commission has four openings. The mission of the Human Rights Commission is to promote the implementation of universal human rights values and principles in all City of Eugene programs and throughout the community.

Use this application form to apply before the March 1 deadline.

You may also join certain HRC work groups without a formal appointment to the commission. See contact information below.

Current Commissioners

Commissioners are appointed by City Council for a three-year term and are limited to serving no more than two terms consecutively. Commissioners may serve more than two terms if terms are not consecutive.

Position 1 Bonnie Souza  (WeCU work group chair) Expires 6/30/21

Position 2 Ibrahim Coulibaly (HRC Vice Chair) Expires 6/30/20

Position 3 Ela Kubok Expires 6/30/20

Position 4 Ibrahim Hamide Expires 6/30/20

Position 5 Daniel Borson Expires 6/30/22

Position 6 Kirstin London Expires 6/30/22

Position 7 Amanda McCluskey Expires 6/30/22

Position 8 Serena Markstrom (Homelessness & Poverty work group chair) Expires 6/30/21

Position 9 Joel Iboa (HRC Chair) Expires 6/30/22

Position 10 Rick Guerra Expires 6/30/21

Position 11 Councilor Emily Semple Appointed 1/17

Staff Fabio Andrade - Human Rights & Equity Analyst

If you wish to submit materials for the entire commission or present at an HRC meeting, please send your request to:

City Manager’s Office

Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement

99 W. 10th Ave. Suite 117 Eugene, OR 97401 :: Phone: 541-682-5177 :: Fax: 541-682-5221 :: Email Us

The office is open to the public Monday-Friday 10:00 am to noon and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm