Bike Parking

Using Bike Parking

You will find bike racks throughout the City, near most destinations. Public bike racks are free to use, and are placed there for your convenience. Just lock your bike and head into your destination! If you're interested in a more secure bike locker, look below for more information about options. No matter how you secure your bike, make sure it’s registered.

  1. Locking Your Bike
  2. Secure Bike Lockers
  3. LTD Bike Parking

Locking Your Bike

Always use a high-quality u-lock or chain to lock your bike.  Cable locks should only be used to lock your wheels or accessories.  


Installing Bike Parking

As the volume of people who ride bikes increases in Eugene, so too does demand for adequate bike parking. Places where people live, work, shop and recreate  are required to provide safe and secure bike parking. However, the form and location of bike parking is not always intuitive. Depending on when the building was constructed, it might not be adequately equipped to handle the demand for bike parking. 

  1. Bike Parking Criteria
  2. Bike Parking Vendors
  3. Bike Parking Study
  4. City Code

Bike Parking Criteria

All bike racks should conform to the following guidance:

  • Supports the bike in at least two places, preventing it from falling over
  • Allows locking of the frame and one or both wheels with a u-lock
  • Is securely anchored to the ground
  • Resists cutting, rusting, and bending or deformation, both from natural causes and from human action
  • Works for a variety of bike frame types

How-To Guides

  • Eugene's Active Transportation Committee developed a  flyer to help developers and individuals install bike racks. Information about style, location, siting and more can be found here. 
  • The Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals publishes a comprehensive guide on bicycle parking
  • You can also rate your building's current bike parking with the Bike Parking Scorecard.

Bike Rack Styles

A standard "Inverted-u" or "staple" rack fulfills all basic bike parking criteria.  


Staple Racks can be welded on rails which makes each rack element more secure and decreases the amount of hardware necessary to secure the bike racks to the mounting surface.


Whimsical versions of inverted-u racks can reflect the location where they are placed while continuing to abide all basic bike parking criteria.