Bike Parking

As the volume of people who ride bikes increases, so too does demand for adequate bike parking. Places where people live, work, shop, and recreate are required to provide safe and secure bicycle parking in the City of Eugene.

However, the form and location of bicycle parking is not always intuitive, and, depending on when the building was constructed, might not be adequately equipped to handle the demand for bicycle parking. For information about locking your bike see the tabs below. No matter how you secure your bike make sure it’s registered with the City of Eugene or the University of Oregon

  1. Electronic Secure  Parking
  2. Bike Parking Criteria
  3. Locking Your Bike
  4. Regional Bike Parking Study
  5. Bike Parking & LTD
  6. Vendors


A new bike parking option is now available in Eugene, using electronic lockers. Here’s how you can use them.

  • Find an Electronic Bike Locker: Amtrak Station (4th & Willamette), LTD Station (10th & Olive), and Chase Bank (11th & Willamette).
  • Use a BikeLink card: The BikeLink Card is sold at LTD Customer Service (11th & Willamette) and online at
  • Insert card: The screen guides you through a very quick process to start your rental. It’s like using a parking meter.
  • Park your bike: Once there’s time on the meter, the door opens. Put your bike inside, close the door, and walk away. Your bike remains secure even if the meter expires.
  • End rental: Insert your card, get your bike, and get your refund! Unlike a parking meter, any time you don’t use is refunded. If your meter expires you are simply charged for the extra time at a higher rate.

BikeLink eLocker Sign City of Eugene.05.17.18