Bike Parking


As the volume of people who ride bikes increases, so too does demand for adequate bike parking.  Places where people live, work, shop, and recreate are required to provide safe and secure bicycle parking in the City of Eugene.  However, the form and location of bicycle parking is not always intuitive, and, depending on when the building was constructed, might not be adequately equipped to handle the demand for bicycle parking.

Basic Bike Parking Criteria
All bicycle racks should conform to the following guidance:
  • Supports the bicycle in at least two places, preventing it from falling over
  • Allows locking of the frame and one or both wheels with a U-lock
  • Is securely anchored to the ground
  • Resists cutting, rusting, and bending or deformation, both from natural causes and from human action
  • Works for a variety of bicycle frame types

Basic Rack

A standard "Inverted-U" or "Staple" rack fulfills all basic bike parking criteria.  

Inverted-U or Staple Racks can be welded on rails which makes each rack element more secure and decreases the amount of hardware necessary to secure the bike racks to the mounting surface.


Whimsical versions of Inverted-U racks can reflect the location where they are placed while continuing to abide all basic bike parking criteria.


More Guidance

Best Practices Flyer
The City of Eugene Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee developed a two-page Best Practices flyer to help developers and individuals installing bicycle racks to select the correct rack element.  To view the Best Practices flyer, click here.

Regional Bike Parking Study (RBPS)
In 2013, the City of Eugene in partnership with Lane Transit District (point2point Solutions), the Lane Council of Governments, Lane County, and the cities of Springfield and Coburg developed Regional Bike Parking Study to assist local agencies to:
  • Secure and allocate funding to install new bicycle parking in ways that best meet the region's needs
  • Ensure that new private development appropriately provides for bicycle parking need

Products from the RBPS include:

Updating City Code

The City of Eugene is looking at updating the current bicycle parking standards. The revisions focus on simplifying and improving clarity of standards identified in land use code EC 9.6105.  Code updates would also reflect best management practices and better accommodate the diversity of bicycles and security required for improved bicycle parking citywide.

Early in the process, a Citizen's Advisory Committee (CAC) was established to comment on the current state of bicycle parking and to recommend and review possible changes to the land use code.  Summary notes from CAC meetings are available below.
April 7, 2015 CAC Summary Notes
May 19, 2015 CAC Summary Notes 

The Planning Commission reviewed the draft bicycle parking code updates on June 20, 2016.  A copy of the draft is provided below.
April 2016_Draft Bicycle Parking Code Update

The adoption process includes a public hearing and a recommendation to City Council from the Planning Commission.  Both events are tentative planned to be completed in 2016.  View this page regularly for process updates.

For more information on the bicycle parking code update contact Reed Dunbar at 541-682-5727.

Additional Information

Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP)
The Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals publishes a comprehensive guide on bicycle parking based on best practices from around the nation.  To access more information click here.

City of Eugene Bicycle Parking Code
The City of Eugene has standards for bike parking including spacing requirements and quantity of long-term and short-term bicycle spaces by land use type.  Click here to view section 9.6100 of Eugene Code for Bicycle Parking Standards.

Locking Your Bike

Always use a high-quality U-Lock or chain to lock your bicycle.  Cable locks should only be used to lock your wheels or accessories.  
Source: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, 

Register Your Bike
You can register your bike with Eugene Police Department for FREE by clicking this link.