Stormwater Development Standards

Council Work Adopts 2014 Stormwater Amendments

Amendments effective March 1, 2014
 Next Steps:

  Revise Stormwater Management Manual


Tentative Adoption Schedule

Comment Period February 12-27, 2014
Public Hearing February 25, 2014
Adoption March 14, 2014

Proposed 2014 Manual (Not all Links below active yet)

Draft Chapter 1 Stormwater Management in Eugene

Draft Chapter 2 Selecting, Designing, Constructing, and Landscaping Stormwater Management Facilities

Draft Chapter 3 Source Controls

Draft Chapter 4 Operating and Maintaining Stormwater Facilities

Appendix A: Eugene Code

Appendix B: Typical Facility Details

Appendix C: Forms

Discharge Authorization Request (DAR) Form
Inspection Maintenance Inspection Form
Notice of Operation & Maintenance Form

Appendix D: Facility Planting Design

Planting Zones
Plant Options

Appendix E: Approved Proprietary Stormwater Treatment Technologies

Appendix F: Flow Control Structure and Pipe Outfall Sizing

Appendix G: Infiltration Testing

Appendix H: Stormwater Analysis Reports

Appendix I: Infiltration Limited Areas Map

Appendix J: Headwater Streams Map

Appendix K: Flood Control Design Storm Tables

Appendix L: Water Quality Design Storm Development

Appendix M: SBUH Method


   Ordinance Reference 

Proposed BMP Hierarchy

Anticipated Calendar of Events

DLCD Notice and Draft Ordinance
   Mar 25, 2013 Planning Commission Memo

Mar 25, 2013 Planning Commission Presentation

  Responses to Planning Commission 
   Public Hearing with the Planning Commission Held May 14, 2013
   Planning Commission Deliberation
June 17, 2013
   Council Work Session
Nov. 20, 2013
Updated Ordinance
  Council Public Hearing
Dec. 9, 2013
Attachment A
Attachment B
   Response to Council Request for Information
 Redline Version of Ordinance

 Council Action
Jan. 13, 2014
Attachment A