Service Profiles

About Service Profiles

Service profiles are mini strategic plans for each of the City of Eugene's services. Updated every four years on a rolling basis, the profiles offer an overview of each service, its goals and insight into some of the tools the service uses to track its performance.

To review the service profiles for City of Eugene services, please select one of the following four categories:

Budget Subcommittee to Review and Approve Service Profiles

Eugene Budget Subcommittee is comprised of the eight appointed members of the City of Eugene Budget Committee. The Subcommittee met in the fall of 2017 to review profiles and performance indicators for the following 10 City services:

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

  • Youth and Family Recreation
  • Library
  • Athletics
  • Aquatics

November 8, 2017 meeting packet

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

  • Animal Services
  • Call Taking and Dispatch
  • Police Administration
  • Investigations
  • Patrol
  • Police Records Management and Analysis

Meeting packet from November 15, 2017

Every year, the Budget Subcommittee reviews approximately a quarter of the City’s service profiles, as well as performance data covering a four-year span. The purpose of the service profile review is to provide an overview of each City service, its purpose and plans, the factors influencing its performance, and the City's progress towards meeting performance targets for each service.