Partners in Education

The City of Eugene invests in our community by partnering with local education institutions, nonprofits, and community groups to promote waste prevention and resource conservation for residents of all ages. The following organizations listed below receive City funding to provide services to Eugene residents. 

Highlights from 2015-16 include: 

 Waste Prevention and Compost Education Project Funding
  • Grant funding for waste prevention and composting education projects in Bethel and 4J schools is currently closed.  Check back for new information about upcoming school grant opportunities. 
  • Waste Prevention and Composting Education Grant Application Preview here


Bethel students collect food waste in their cafeteria

Eugene 4J and Bethel School District Support


Clear Lake 5th graders with their new friend, a praying mantis found in their school garden.

School Garden Project


  • School Garden Project (SGP) instructed 644 K-5th graders for a total of 5,221 hours of garden-based STEM instruction in eight schools in Bethel and 4J. Additionally, 261 students participated in 258 after-school STEM sessions through the 4J BEST program.
  • Utilized 19 cubic yards of Love Food Not Waste compost in school gardens this year thanks to partnership with Rexius. 
  • View a video of SGP's work through this link.
  • Final report (PDF download) can be accessed here.

Photo of student with low-flow shower head.

University of Oregon $CORE

  • $CORE's Student Energy Educators from the UO Office of Sustainability visited 710 homes and helped 237 students implement behavioral changes and install energy-saving materials that reduce their utility bills. 
  • $CORE installed 510 feet of weather stripping, 158 feet of pipe insulation, replaced 397 incandescent lightbulbs with CFLs, installed 126 low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators, and employed 4 students. 
  • Read all about $CORE's work in their final PDF report, accessed here.

Trench composting at River House

OSU Extension Service 

  • Did you know that over 52% of Eugene households backyard compost?
  • OSU Extension in Lane County provides free compost demonstrations for community members at a variety of sites in Eugene. 
  • View their demonstration schedule (downloadable PDF) to learn how to get your own compost system up and running!
  • Learn more about composting in Lane County from this video.




  • In celebration of International Compost Awareness Week 2016, the City partnered with Bethel Education Foundation and Rexius to hold a Love Food Not Waste compost fundraiser that raised over $4,000 for school related projects. This sale is an annual event.