Rest Stop Program

Outreach Handbook, Eugene's Rest Stop & Car Camping Programs
​A How-To Guide for Community Members

An outreach handbook is now available from the City of Eugene for community groups interested in working to identify potential new sites for rest stops and car camping and building awareness among their neighbors about these programs. The handbook includes information about rest stops and car camping, criteria and evaluation processes for potential sites, and tips and strategies for conducting outreach. Any groups who would like to request a copy of the handbook can contact the City Manager's Office at (541) 682-8442.
You can also view an electronic version of the full handbook here.
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In response to the growing need for safe places for people who are experiencing homelessness to sleep, the Eugene City Council approved a rest stop pilot program in October 2013. In February 2017, the City Council adopted an ordinance to remove the sunset date from the program.

Rest stops allow up to 20 people to sleep overnight in tents or Conestoga huts on certain sites individually approved by the City Council. Each site must be managed by a site provider that signs an agreement with the City to supervise the site. The site provider is responsible for:
  • Ensuring the site is supervised at all times;
  • Providing clean, portable restrooms and trash collection on site;
  • Keeping a roster of individuals who are allowed on the site; and
  • Ensuring all campers and visitors follow the site rules.
Currently, four rest stop sites operate in Eugene: one at Garfield and Roosevelt, two at Northwest Expressway and Chambers, and one on the property of The Eugene Mission. The sites are managed by the non-profit Community Supported Shelters

Additional information about Rest Stops:
The City of Eugene and Lane County continue to experience high numbers of homelessness and housing insecurity. Despite on-going and dedicated public and private support for homeless services in our community, the demand for emergency shelter continues to exceed supply.  

Additional information about homelessness in Eugene and Lane County: