System Development Charges

What is a System Development Charge?

SDCs are fee scheduled charges applied to new development to help offset the impact of development, redevelopment or an intensification of use. The fee is intended to recover a fair share of the costs of existing and planned infrastructure that provide capacity to serve new growth.

SDCs may be charged when:

  • There is a change of use in an existing development 
  • Additional dwelling unit is created 
  • Increase of floor space or living area 
  • Addition of impervious surface coverage 

SDC Fees

There are two types of SDCs fees:

  1. Reimbursement fee 
  2. Improvement fee

Reimbursement Fee - Is the portion of the specific system SDC charged to recoup the communities investment in extra capacity in anticipation of future growth. The reimbursement fee shall promote the objective that the future system user contribute no more than an equitable share to the cost of reserve capacity in the existing facilities. 

Improvement Fee - Is the portion of the system-specific SDC charged to cover an equitable share of the capital improvements required to increase capacity of the system to accommodate new development and to protect the health, safety and well being of the community 

Reimbursement  Improvement  SDC
Reimbursement Fee
Eligible cost
of capacity in
existing facilities
+ Eligible cost of planned
   capacity-increasing capital

Basis for SDC Charge 

SDCs have been collected by the City of Eugene since 1978. They are presently collected on new development in the city and are used to fund that portion of the construction of infrastructure required to support new developments. These SDCs help the city provide increased capacity needs and recoup a portion of the community’s investment in specific infrastructure reserve capacity that is already in place.


SDCs are collected for the following systems:

  • Transportation
  • Wastewater (local and regional) 
  • Stormwater 
  • Parks and Recreation

SDC Charges

SDC charges are determined by Public Works Engineering Technicians at the Permit and Information Center during the plan review process and are due at the time of permit issuance. Questions regarding SDCs applied to a specific site or construction should be directed to Public Works Engineering Technicians

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