ACT:C3 Donations

Funding for this program is provided by the community. Some of our current contributors are:

McKenzie Willamette Medical Center

Eugene Emergency Physicians, P.C.

Cascade Medical Associates

Oregon Cardiology

Eugene and Springfield Fire Departments

IAFF 851

IAFF 1395

Walmart, Olympic St.

Even a small donation can help us purchase CPR Anytime Kits, an integral part of our training strategy.

What do Donations Provide?

Oregon State Legislature has made Senate Bill 79 law. This requires students to have been taught CPR before graduation from high school. This will provide 35,000 new citizen responders annually who can save lives from SCA.

We provide free compression CPR training to local citizens and students when requested here on this website. You can help save lives by donating to our program that purchases CPR Anytime kits used to train community members and students in CPR.

How to Donate

Donation checks should be mailed to:

Eugene Fire & EMS Department

1705 W Second Avenue

Eugene, OR 97402

Please make checks payable to City of Eugene Fire Department.

If you have any questions about donating, please contact Joshua Moore, the ACT:C3 program coordinator.