ACT:C3 Public Training

  • In 2011 only 51% of witnessed cardiac arrest patients received lay-person CPR.
  • The ACT: C3 program will train 2,560 7th graders in Eugene and Springfield in compression CPR with AHA CPR Anytime Kits. These 7th graders will use those same kits to train 5 of their family members. This will train 15,360 local people in compression CPR annually.
  • Compression CPR training can be requested for public groups ranging in sizes of 15 to 250.
  • Compression CPR takes 10 minutes to learn.
  • Compression CPR does not require certification.
  • Compression CPR is a psycho-motor skill that stays with you (like riding a bicycle).
  • Compression CPR training is available in English & Spanish.

Request training here.