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What is Growth Monitoring?

The City of Eugene is developing a system to efficiently collect growth-related information like population and jobs growth the number of houses being built, and the status of our undeveloped land supply. Knowing how fast Eugene is growing and the rate of development will help us determine if we need to implement ways to grow more compact (e.g. development incentives or increase density) or grow our land supply by expanding our urban growth boundary. The goal is to have growth-related data that is complete and relevant to the community’s future needs such as those identified in the 2012 Envision Eugene Recommendation. Regularly assessing the effectiveness of how we are managing our growth community and identifying future growth trends will allow us to adjust our strategies and the monitoring program in response to changing needs. Policies establishing the growth monitoring program were adopted in the Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan (see the Administration and Implementation chapter) in 2017.

What’s Happening Now vs. Later


City staff are working to collect and verify development data since 2012, the beginning of our monitoring period. Additionally, we are beginning to develop and test the software to compute, display, and analyze the data. The main focus at this time continues to be developing the system that will collect the data and produce charts and graphics for reporting.

The Envision Eugene Technical Advisory Committee (EETAC) has reviewed initial charts for U.S. Census data, population and employment growth, and a draft annual monitoring report template. Click on the topic areas below to view the draft charts. Given the infancy of the program, data is draft and subject to change.

Who lives here?

Characteristics of our community like the size of households, renting and owning, race and ethnicity  


How affordable is our community?

Percentage that live in poverty, average incomes, housing costs


How fast are we growing?

Annual population, population growth forecasts

New Construction

How fast are our jobs growing?

New jobs, what kind they are, employment growth forecasts


What types of housing development have we seen?

How many new homes have been built, how many are single-family, apartments, and housing types in the middle

(Coming in the future)


How much land has been developed?

Amount of land developed since the 2012-2032 land inventory, type of development (Coming in the future)

Until then, check out our Development Web Map to see where development is happening in Eugene. The map displays the development potential of lots, as determined by the 2012-2032 Buildable Lands Inventory.

Recent Development Web Application


The results of the monitoring system will be presented to Planning Commission and City Council to be approved for future use. Additional work includes producing the first annual monitoring report, an on-line dashboard for reviewing monitoring information, and identifying metrics for "qualitative" data that is more subjective in nature and related to the experience of our residents as the community develops. Beginning in 2021, the program will begin annual reporting that can be used as a tool to monitor growth trends and patterns for UGB planning.

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City Staff are working with city partners and Envision Eugene Technical Advisory Committee (EETAC). These groups are comprised of technical experts, community members, and representatives from City Boards and Commissions. The EETAC was appointed by the City Manager and began meeting in October 2018. The group represents a range of voices in the community and will provide feedback to staff on technical-related issues. The foundational ideas behind the program were developed in conjunction with the Technical Resource Group (TRG) in 2015.

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As of spring, the EETAC meetings are now alternating between both the Growth Monitoring and Urban Reserves projects. To learn more about the data collected, see the EETAC meeting materials.

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