Employment and Industrial Zoning

Employment and Industrial Zoning Code Amendments

The Employment and Industrial Zone Changes and Code Amendments implement strategies under the Economic Opportunity and Compact Development pillars of Envision Eugene. The zone and code changes are intended to:

  1. Create more business and job development opportunities in those areas designated Campus Industrial through the E-1 Campus Employment zone;
  2. Provide commercial-industrial zone flexibility and consistent standards in the West Eugene Study Area through the E-2 Mixed Use Employment and C-2 Community Commercial zones;
  3. Update the I-2 and I-3 zones to add flexibility and better meet the goals of Envision Eugene.
Council Approves the Employment and Industrial Code Amendments
On May 14th, the Eugene City Council adopted the E + I proposal with a unanimous 8-0 vote.

Final Ordinance The amendments became effective on June 23rd, 2014.
Council agenda materials are available here.

 Planning Commission Recommendations
Deliberations were completed on January 27th.
Thank you Commissioners and stakeholders for your hard work on this project!
Materials from the PC meetings can be found on the PC agenda page
Planning Commission Public Hearing
November 5, 2013 Meeting Materials
Public Hearing Notice and Maps

Existing Code - 9.2400 Industrial Zones

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Sheet

West Eugene Existing Metro Plan Designations (map)

West Eugene Existing Zoning (map)

West Eugene Proposed Employment Zoning (map)

Chad Drive Employment and Industrial Zoning (map)

West Eugene Proposed Zoning Map

Presentation to Planning Commission 7.29.13

Presentation to Planning Commission 4.8.13

Presentation to Planning Commission 1.14.13